► Object 279, Russian UFO! 😮 – World of Tanks NEWS – Object 279 First Look

World of Tanks Object 279 (Объект 279), New Soviet Russian Tank Preview. World of Tanks T-22 Medium Gameplay. World of Tanks Update 1.0.3+ News – New Soviet Russian Tanks.
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In my previous news episode about Object 726 I said – “What next WG, Object 279?”
I should be more careful with my sayings next time, because turns out they actually have this model already made. 😀
In this episode let’s take a look at this UFO looking tank called “Object 279” aka “Warrior of the Apocalypse”.
Keep it mind, they do not even plan releasing it in it’s current state.


► Information:
– Armored Warfare Object 279 video: https://youtu.be/ILnu7X-_5Eo
– PROТанки Object 279 (Объект 279) video: https://youtu.be/4JZZ1p3CD2M
– Special thanks to “Milkym4n”!

► Background players:
– T-22 Medium: nonameLCD
– T95E6: Viktoroovich

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►Tanks in action:
– USSR/Soviet Russian T-22 Medium, Tier 10 Medium Tank
– USA/American T95E6, Tier 10 Medium Tank
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45 Comments on “► Object 279, Russian UFO! 😮 – World of Tanks NEWS – Object 279 First Look”

  1. 🔥 That T49 in the video deserves a medal, what a nice guy! 🔥
    PS! As I said like 10 times in the video already – WG doesn't have any plans releasing it into the standard game, so don't worry (yet)… But I would be up for some special events, April Fool's Qualified! 😉
    Stop having fun on your own, WG… Sharing is caring! 😛
    What ya think?

  2. Chimera has been ruined. it was never designed as a medium tank, always a heavy, always to counter IS3. now WG has ruined it due to a small vocal bunch of cunts on forums who know nothing about tanks, history and suck so hard that everything they cannot afford or grind is branded OP. Another great vehicle ruined by WG community of scrubs.

  3. Oh look! A tank that actually existed. Does anyone remember the Halloween special with the giant tank on Kharkov? It's a boss for a silly mode. Now stop your tantrums and climb back into your 6 skill T-67s.

  4. Over 300mm of raw armor, not even its effective armor. Not to mention it's standard penetration. This is a tier 11 tank. Maybe 12 or 13

  5. hahaha ! now the SturmTiger ! blast avay those bitches with 380 rocket death-gun !

  6. Is it a heavy? Or a medium? Or a light tank? Or a TD? Or a warship…

  7. when they bring this tank in the game then i want the sturmtiger! but i guess they are maybe finaly working on the modern tanks for tier 11 or something 😉

  8. 4 tracks to knockout continuously i would love to make that tank suffer

  9. If you look closely, you can tell that ufo shape is just a spaced armor shell over what I'm assuming is a more conventional hull, though with those numbers it would still be ridiculous. They could probably Nerf it down enough to add but probably wont

  10. So its not going to be released, which means it hits the premium shop this christmas

  11. This tank was created to sustain Heat shells withe over 500 mm pen. Rockets in reality, had 800 mm pen. However project was shut down because med tanks were future (composite armour, light and mobile). It was made to have ground pressure like AMX light tanks and in deed it had it. However it had serious issues with the suspension which made it very slow crossing fields. Unlike other tanks it could move without all tracks functioning. Gun was made to face Western powers withe composite armour. Tank was too expensive to build, project was shouted down soon as soviet people realised that med tanks are future.

  12. Just add tiers XI and XII so it would be a XI tonk, and Muricans would have XII M1A2 and M1A1 on XI xD

  13. Here comes my cousin that’s so always perfect
    Fucking obj.279 dad gave me his blessing

  14. it certainly can't float, fly, neither does it withstand Nuclear blasts… it can only keep the crew from radiation, lmfao…

  15. for each and every tank in world of tanks, theres double that amount in the soviet union

  16. why arent these or something close to this produced in the real world, looks legit

  17. aha… 313 Penetration and E100??? WG?? He just has 246 fuck you WG! But you made me happy because all the time I wished just 1 File of this tank must be in the came and it happened, thx man you get a Subscribe and a like.

  18. As my Granny used to say, "Fuck me with a chainsaw!" That thing seems a bit much.

  19. The obj 279 would be totally overpowered because it was meant to withstand a nuclear blast so in game should be completely resistant to arty splash damage. And the shaping of its hull would make every shell fired at it bounce off. So naturally wargaming is going to release it as another Teir8-10 cash cow.

  20. Obj 279 is the tank replacing IS 4. So it better be OP. I dont care as I dont play this shit game anymore but would love to hear the bitching that this tank entails as it will be bigger than the other tank God obj 268 v4.

  21. This thing gives top tier MBTs trouble in war thunder, why tf would wg think this is a good idea.

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