😰 WTF! ALIEN TASK FORCE | UFO TASK FORCE | ALIENS ARE REAL | UFO NEWS 2021. ARE ALIENS REAL? do the government know about the existence of UFOS AND ALIENS here on earth? well they recently just established an ALIEN TASK FORCE and president donald trump continues to talk cryptively about the details regarding this ALIEN TASK FORCE that has been created. With everything else that has happened in 2021 UFOS ON THE NEWS is no big deal.. or is it?



  1. I so NEEDED this !! You Absolutely Rock !! I didn't think that I could like you & your channel anymore than I already do. Well, you proved me wrong here today.

    You definitely have to LISTEN to Trump's words carefully. He does speak in code at times…..

    There is A LOT of information out there !! People need to research for themselves ~ using what resonates with their mind & soul. Pick a lane & get on with the get on. Make a stand for whatever you believe in. You've got to stand for something or you'll fall for anything !! Here's to waking up the people in the World today. The sooner, the better !! My heart is filled with Love for All !! We all have our roles to play in this movie playing out right before our very eyes. Stand Strong !! It won't be easy, but, it will be worth it !! 💯💋😘 WWG1WGA !! 😘💋💯

  2. I promise the LAST person who would be told anything would be Trump. He was told the bare minimum about any sensitive topic.

  3. With Trump, you always have to look at what’s in it for him. This could have just as easily been a moment he used to brag to his base regarding what “he’s” done to build the military. Who knows.

  4. If it was a normally president that actually used words or a brain like a normal person I could buy into that theory. But with Trump he doesn't put much thought into what he is saying other than to try and make himself sound as good as he can. It's like any other time he bragged about anything we have or his perception of what we can do. I mean, He did an interview on 9/11 while everything was going down about what was happening and was bragging about his own buildings. He has no control of his words and especially not enough to be sly about how he says something.

  5. Oh Ben. No no no no no.
    Maria Bartiromo is a shill “financial” talking head that says whatever FOX So-Called News tells her to say. And Trump….that thing speaks in hysterical emboldened all the time. Everything is “the best” 0the biggest” “ the most powerful” etc. don’t believe a word that turd utters. He knows nothing about nothing but he always has an opinion on it…..and he will quickly point out his opinion is “the best”.
    Stay far away from this kind of lunacy Ben.
    Now I’ll drink some coffee and see you in the next one.

  6. You're talking about a man who thinks the F-35 Stealth fighter can actually go invisible to the naked eye, like Wonder Woman's jet..

  7. Good & interesting video Ben , all I can say is am glad us BRITS & the AMERICANS get on & the AMERICANS will always back us up 👍🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

  8. Pretty sure military has a very good grip on reality. Reality that not many of us consciously remember, but subconsciously we all KNOW. They are so keen on maintaining their grip on the power, control and money that this system has created, that they have been working very hard to keep us from the truth of our shared reality. Once we bring our knowing into conscious awareness, their hold on us has no effect. Our bodies are temporary, but our spirit is eternal.


  10. They HAVE to know. I mean come on the Battle of Los Angeles. It's just like Area 51 it is not a military installation. Yet it's just like any other military base. They are guarded for a reason. Why are there sensors all over the place. International airports still have to do with military base. And I do know this because I live in between two military bases and have seen some crazy stuff in the skies and even called the military base when I saw one round glowing object shooting across the sky. And then they split and went into different direction. I called an army base. Their response was ma'am or not the Air Force my response was wink-wink call the freaking Stewart Air Force Base. Shortly after 2 fighter jets fully armed can whipping through my County. But there's nothing in the sky we are the only civilization in billions and billions of stars. There is no other universe but ours that's livable. That is laughable! Thanks Ben you made my day

  11. Trust The plan – Birch Society. You are on the correct Road. Stay there, watch and enjoy the Movie play out in real time. No vax and you're all good. Bless you all ❤

  12. This is one of the reasons they got rid of trump, He was ready to blow the lid off everything, Soooo they got some dumb downed nutter to become potus and drag it out longer!!! ✨🛸✨👽✨👍🏻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿✌️

  13. Trump likes to big things up & exaggerate to his rivals China & Russia. Hes says they have military weaponry & equipment that no one has. A direct threat to enemies, dont mess with America as they have the technology to take you out. Whether that tech is from Alien sources, we are never going to know because if Trump did spill the beans, would anyone believe him? His credibility is zero even if he was 100% being truthful. I think the Military has a lot going on that they dont even tell the President about. They enforce the protection of the US, Presidents just a figurehead to pacify the People. Democracy is a myth.

  14. Hi Ben. Good to see you. Do you remember when Trump was in the heated tweets with Kim ung jun however you spell it lol..but what Trump said to him was you do not want to attack us because we have weapons like you've never seen. I was a little creeped out when he said that. You can even tell that he really wanted to say what they have. I actually believe that they have something along with someone from somewhere else. 👽👽👽

  15. Hey Ben. Many people are not aware that the “Elected Government” is not in possession of a lot of information held by the “Permanent Government” of the United States. 44% may vote Democrat 45% may vote republican. That leaves just 11% of the electorate that need to be swayed by whoever is in control to elect a Government of their choice. Whoever controls the media, controls the country. Can you see what I’m getting at?

  16. There are many reasons he is no longer the President of the United States. Thank God for that. Luv ya Ben.❤✌

  17. Donald Trump probably knew about plenty but most of the secrets the President gets are nuclear secrets. Not sure if you knew this Ben but there are 12 security clearance higher than the President. And as crazy as that sounds it kind of makes sense. There are secrets within our government that shouldn’t just be given out to whoever wins the 4 year popularity contest. It makes more sense that people who will hold their position for life have that heavy information. I believe he was briefed on the lower end info but not that real secret stuff. Problem is that the people don’t have a say on information that affects us all if it gets out. Secrets are necessary but when it comes to an alien presence I feel like everybody has a right to know.

  18. He is an ego maniac plain and simple. The man lied and boasted his entire presidency. This is no different. The wording is his ego propaganda.

  19. Very interesting Ben,I've never heard the whole thing before! But, it's true, I'm sure that you saw the video the other day of two of our $4 trillion each triangle's, imagine how much else is in our arsenal. And the government had all those trillions missing! Ha Ha!

  20. Great work Ben, but l would not get to serious from what TRUMP is saying, as he is one BIG DICK !!!!!!!

  21. Could it not just be propaganda? Let the enemy think you have something more powerful than they have? Those dudes do look like aliens though 👽👽

  22. Hi Ben you can’t get any clearer in what was said by mr trump when you read between the lines he is saying and stating is huge army and to me it’s none human kind great topic take care Ben

  23. The President that has spoken about his UFO opinions is Barack Obama. He spoke to a Stephen Colbert in an interview on Camera.

  24. Trying to be non-political, but I don't trust a whole lot that comes out of his mouth. But, on the other hand, he also has a tendency to say things he probably shouldn't. It will be interesting to see what happens in the future. What new tech shows up.

  25. This man is the straight A narcisist, so that he uses theese words "we now have.." means that everything is so much better with him behind the wheel. He is the "best" in everything… Just like the covid 19-tests he took, "the doctors had never seen such negative test before…!"🤣🙈 Really crazy… On thevother hand, I do believe that the americans have someting hidden from the rest of the world…👽 But I don't think Trump has any info of that, not smart enough, and he's not trustworthy of that kind of information😏✌

  26. Your suggestion that Trump has more info/knows more then he's saying is laughable, Trump is the most ignorant, illiterate, vile lying conman to ever hold office in America. In truth Trump would never be told or be given any information on what some in government know to be fact concerning UFO and Alien life forms. Trump has been proven time and time again going back 40 years he is not to be trusted. In my opinion this is one way that conspiracies get started. I have lost some respect for your opinion.

  27. Nazis messed around with antigravity back in the 40s. Project paperclip brought Nazi scientists to the US. The reason theyre “disclosing” now is because they cant hide it anymore. Just my opinion. Keep up the thought provoking vids brother🤙😊👍

  28. The president of the United States is a temporary employee, anything that’s sensitively classified will only be available to those with a ‘need to know’ especially given his reputation of talking shit. So I feel he doesn’t know enough about UFOs or secret black book programmes, Mabey he has a few friends in high places with more info but still he’s a real piece of shit who likes to boast an talk bollocks so anything he says is taken with a big pinch of salt but then again you never know, it is America after all 🤷‍♂️👽🛸pretty cool tho Ben I like the vids 😁

  29. The problem is, if they exist, they are far more advanced than humans. Imagine travel through space in the speed of light. Remember with human technology, we still use about 30-40000 years to reach the nearest star, and Trump thinks we can beat that with our weapon? Guess they have advanced weapon we even can't imagine.

  30. I just watched a segment from the “Today” show that was released on YouTube this month on the 15th. They were discussing the newest leaked footage on the triangle shaped UFO’s. The reporter stated he asked the former director of the advanced aerial threat identification program at the Pentagon about the confirmed videos released by the military if they were the only videos the Government has on confirmed UFO’s and he replied “NO” those are probably the least compelling videos and in some videos you see an object about 50 feet away from the cockpit. I find him releasing just that information to a reporter sounds promising about what we may learn in June! I truly hope they don’t let us down again because at this point it’s just humiliating. You can bank on this, whatever they do give us you can believe there is way more than they are keeping from us. I don’t see them releasing it all by no means.

  31. Don't believe what you hear or see . . . . . . I'd take EVERYTHING with a very large giants pinch of salt. You live a daily Psy-Op. All is not real.

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