🛸UFOs spotted in Merseyside 👽#Shorts

THREE “crystal clear UFOs” were spotted above a mystified couple’s home in Merseyside before ‘turning red and fading away’ at the weekend.

Eddie and Victoria Zsigmond Dean said the unusual occurrence has been logged as a legitimate UFO sighting.

Eddie, 50, of St Helens, told the Liverpool ECHO: “It was a beautiful blue sky and I looked up and saw all the planes up there.

“I thought it was absolutely lovely to see so many planes in the sky after all these lockdowns.

“I looked at one particular plane and just as it was turning I looked up and it was just sat there.

“There was a plane flying over at a high level which you would guess is in excess of 30,000 feet and this was much higher.”

He said although he wasn’t able to film everything they saw, he was certain that the unusual objects were UFOs.

“There were two up there and the next minute they faded away,” Eddie continued.

“They faded away separately and then they came back, then I said to my wife to bring the phone out so I could video.

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Three ‘crystal clear UFOs’ spotted above mystified couple’s home in Merseyside before ‘turning red and fading away’

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39 Comments on “🛸UFOs spotted in Merseyside 👽#Shorts”

  1. Jim: Look Barb, Two white dots, must be Aliens 👁👄👁 Quick get the camera Barbara
    Barbara: I don't think they are UFO's Jim, I heard the goverment are using spy drones now
    Jim: Spy drones my arse, Where's that tea Anthony!
    Anthony: IT'S COMING!

  2. Really not because they are 2 glowing dots❕

    We need being skeptical about such footages. Cynical OF aliens yet visited us. 🧠🧠

  3. Look! It's ALIENS!!! Quick, let me pull out this dinky phone and use it in vertical mode. Oh damn I can't see anything. Ok I'll draw hula-hoops around them.

  4. UFOs dont want to speak to us right at this moment, imagine if they say take us to your leader and bloody bojo bonson johnson turns up FS

  5. Unable to make anything out from this video but I know for an absolute fact that UFOs do exist as I have seen them with my own eyes, no matter what anyone else thinks or says, no one can ever convince me otherwise. I KNOW WHAT I SAW

  6. The Sun should check my house for UFO's with infrared or some other interdimensional camera when I meditate. My aura/energy field can be seen from space.

  7. Wtf are you doing, can't see anything.. Just sat their yeah your camera skill are superior pointless video click bait

  8. Did anyone spot the the small sphere outside the hospital on cctv during the taxi explosion in the right of the scene about 3 .17 minutes in ,very fast ufo seemed to be observing

  9. Terrible video, on a serious note though if you lay down and look up it really doesn't take much to convince you there's something out there.
    I've seen 2 really fast flying balls doing figure of eights right across the sky, often see stars get randomly bright then dim back down or change colour then disappear.
    Some things can obviously be explained but its very very odd somtimes I get pritty freaked out.

  10. We are already starting to collide with the Andromeda Galaxy. UFO’S? Maybe. Gravitational pull on objects from this collision? Maybe!

  11. the universe has many natural phenomena and these lights in the sky have been spotted for many millennia. perhaps they are not aliens at all but some natural part of a galaxy that we just cant understand

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