02-16-21 Ben Hansen & Calvin Parker, UFO Witness & More

Guest Ben Hansen checking in and speaking on the new series that he stars in, Discovery + “UFO Witness”. Ben talks about the witnesses and cases, one of which is Calvin Parker of the 1973 Pascagoula Adduction who joined us and stays for the last segment of the show with callers during the last 30 minutes.

Ben Hansen Bio: Ben Hansen’s paranormal inspiration stems from the series, “The X-Files.” Hansen grew up watching the series frequently, which gave him an insatiable desire to explore mysteries of the unknown. To transform this passion into a career, Hansen went to the University of Utah, graduating with a degree in sociology and criminology. After graduation, he worked for several private and public agencies investigating a wide range of crimes, eventually becoming a special agent for the FBI. While Hansen has an impressive track record investigating cases at the state and federal levels, he is still anchored in his “X-Files” roots and pursues paranormal cases. Hansen’s knowledge of criminal investigation and paranormal investigation has caught the attention of several media outlets. Breaking down captured media of alleged Bigfoot, UFO and ghost events, Hansen provides his expert opinion on some of the most current viral stories in the press. He has presented his research and findings at dozens of conferences across the globe. Most recently, Ben stars in the new series, “UFO Witness” now streaming on discovery+. https://press.discoveryplus.com/shows/ufo-witness/

Bio: Calvin Parker was 19 years old in 1973 when he and his friend Charles Hickson witnessed a UFO while fishing in Pascagoula Mississippi. They reported seeing strange creatures that took them into the craft and examined them. Terrified, they went to the police. Their story leaked, and the incident made headlines. Hickson, 42 years old at the time, was a family friend who had just gotten Parker a job. However, Parker wanted nothing to do with the publicity they were receiving and left town. He rarely spoke of the incident until now. With the release of his new book telling his side of the story, he is now doing interviews and a few appearances before he goes back to focusing on retirement and fishing. Source: https://ufocongress.com/calvin-parker-2019

Charlie Hickson film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FeBnI-xvJ1U&feature=youtu.be

Calvin Parker and Charlie Hickson audio interview the evening of the event, including the “secret” recording: http://www.noufors.com/audio/Pascagoula%20Abduction%20Audio%20Files/39.mp3

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30 Comments on “02-16-21 Ben Hansen & Calvin Parker, UFO Witness & More”

  1. All of these points about lie detector tests are true. And guess who passed 4 lie detector tests? Bob Lazar. I’m definitely a fan of Martin, but he couldn’t be more wrong about Bob.

  2. I really like Ben's show for the witnesses he's finding. The visit to the property from the Sutton encounter in Kentucky was interesting, the Michigan sheriff's "swamp gas" story, as was the timeline on his grandfather's "trips" and known events. Then Rich Doty showed up…ugh…seeing him was like getting on overdue medical bill.

  3. Alejandro Rojas is an idiot for thinking Roswell is a "nothing burger". He clearly hasn't researched it thoroughly.

  4. Great show martin love listening to calvin but nobody is really listening to his story (very few people) and when we eventually have full disclosure people will reflect back on calvin, Don Schrum ,Betty and Barney and all the other people that were effected by these encounter's people will say why didn't I take a moment and listen. Even today the Nimitz incident is not news anymore .

  5. Watching this motivates me to record my own paranormal experiences. When I listen to Calvin and Chris Bledsoe, I think .. Yup .. Yup .. Yup, same, same.
    .. I'm too lazy to write a book so I'll make audio recordings instead. I made one as a sound check ::

  6. Thanks for sharing these two remarkable interviews! I'm sure that Mr. Parker is pretty accurate about what he remembers regarding that incident. Nevertheless, I can't get rid of the thought, "What if some rogue agency just conducted something like an experiment on drug induced mind control on these men?"

  7. Since it is hard to understand the "tapes" could they not be turned over to a sound lab to have a transcript made of them? I think this is very important. 🙂

  8. Hey mate.
    I know it's not this show, but heard on your podcast yesterday about a sighting of a gnome with like a box camera on his chest taking pictures. Was watching antique s roadshow with my brother and there was a glass like painting of just that.
    Sine found your podcast week ago, been gobbling it up😃
    Had many 'UFO' sightings my whole life. And meeting giant owls hahaha ✌️
    Keep going 🐶👍

  9. Calvin was just on the show on history channel that was 3 parts and involved jesse marcels journal. Someone needs to ask him about this because i never ever heard him ever mention knowing marcel and its a hell of a coincidence for him to meet him years later in louisiana and according to the show marcel told him he had roswell debris on top of a water heater and right when calvin was gonna go grab it someone showed up and i guess he never got another chance to get to it because marcel died shortly later. There is a hell of a story here that has never been told. Were they friends because of what happened to calvin? I found it crazy they never mentioned anything about calvins story during the show and they pretended like he was just a guy with no story of his own hangin at a bar it was crazy. Someone needs to find out

  10. Martin I just heard Calvin Parker has asked to go on GUFONs and thirdphaseofmoon shows to promote his BOOK? etc.. tell him that would be a very bad move! reputation killer and hes too credible to ruin it.

  11. Another great show and you have a great backdrop Martin . Two thumbs up for a great interview of a great guest .

  12. Ben is BSing.. hes ignored all the evidence (such a bad FBI man) cosheprofits from travis thing. Travis staged it with rogers a deer stand. the 5 in back were the first 5 innocent witnesses to it.. and thus use to backup claims withlie detectors. travis failed lie detect tests it was covered up. the stats is out of the window now BEN.. watch my lives on socorro and travis.. wake up call to believers

  13. I'd really be interested to hear Calvin's entire account of the 1983 incident. Hopefully Martin can have him back for that purpose in the near future. Great show.

  14. Aliens are here and have been here for thousands of years. but they will never interfere with our evolution as they don't want to create havoc. They need our planets resources for their existence as they travel throughout the galaxy.

  15. Within our galaxy, our solar system has a planet that is a quick stop ! Like a fuel station on the highway, fuel & food! Look for the third planet from the star.

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