05-25-21 Jack Bushong, Michigan UFOs & Ian Rogers, UFO Town, #UFOtwitter

SEGMENT ONE: Jack Bushong, a retired meteorologist for the National Weather Service observed something unexplained on weather radar while he was working in Muskegon. During the break, Dave Marler says hi, with blogger Charles Lear. SEGMENT TWO: Ian Rogers of the documentary UFO Town, to discuss the controversial The Carp, Ontario Case and more.
JACK BUSHONG knew since he was in 9th grade he would be a meteorologist and concentrated on studying advanced math and physics. By 1983, Jack was accepted to the Meteorology program at Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL. In August 1989, he began my career with the National Weather Service Office in Grand Rapids, MI and for the first time I enjoyed seeing summer turn into winter for the first time in 20 years. His job with the NWS in Grand Rapids was hourly surface observations and the issuance of Severe Weather Warnings and Statements as well as relaying the information on NOAA Weather Radio. By 1991, he requested a transfer to his hometown in Muskegon, MI and to also receive radar experience. When the UFO Event occurred in March 1994, Jack had 3 years weather radar experience. He had on the job training as well as a certification course then 2 complete classroom training courses at the NWS Training Center in Kanas City.

IAN ROGERS: is the author of the award-winning collection, Every House Is Haunted. A novelette from the collection, “The House on Ashley Avenue,” was a finalist for the Shirley Jackson Award, and is the basis for an upcoming Netflix film produced by Sam Raimi. Ian lives with his wife in Peterborough, Ontario. For more information, visit: http://www.ian-rogers.com/
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  1. Epic show Martin. I could have listened to each guest for an hour or more. Respectful Feedback on the Dr. Greer thing: it is my experience, as one who teaches at a university, If you let people travel their own content journey, they will acquire a much deeper understanding.

  2. Totally agree with you. Something about Mr Greer doesn't feel right. He keeps taking like he's 100% right but has no facts or other evidence. Reminds me of David Icke in many ways.

  3. Even way back in the early crop circle days in England a good friend of mine thought Steven Greer was not totally honest and a self promoting narcissist . My friend is a very tolerant, kind person but after meeting Greer many years ago in England studying crop circles she had no time nor respect for him . That’s putting her opinion of him in a very kind way . He never ever did “ good “ work .

  4. Martin needs to understand that the so-called "conspiracy theorists" have been discussing UFOs on the internet far longer than he has been studying the issue. Without them doing that we wouldn't be as far as we are right now. I have been using the internet and even pre-internet BBS to get information on the subject since the early nineties. It's kind of ironic that Martin runs a podcast on UFOs yet he doesn't understand the history and the origin of where all the discussion began on places like Usenet and irc. Those people were the groundbreakers on spreading the word and getting all of the information disseminated. Ironically Martin would have called them conspiracy theorists as well.

  5. Hi Jack this is Viktor and you may recall I was the first investigator to actually locate and interview you after you were quickly relocated. Please contact me if you’d like. Would be nice to ask some lingering questions. Thanks 🙂

  6. Ian was a great guest. About the most level headed ufo guy out there. So refreshing to hear someone that doesn’t just immediately swallow as truth every single tale of aliens.
    And as much as I am NOT a fan of Greer…he is mostly right about elozondo and crew and all this disclosure nonsense. Ask yourself….do you REEEEAALLLY thing the military is going to admit that there are absolutely superior craft of unknown origins flying above and about our naval fleets and elsewhere???? Why?….simply because the ufo community wants it? Come on. Do you know how ridiculous that is to believe that? Been at this crap about thirty years and it’s the same old story.

  7. A very interesting episode Martin & Jack. You are a very credible witness. I’m curious about the last moments before you lost contact. What direction were they heading or did they just vanish from your screen? Also did any other radar operators at other stations ( ie West Branch) contact you ?

  8. Greer is exactly that an atention seeker…..who cannot fail to mention how we was a trauma doctor………he cant even string a concise sentence together.

  9. Hello my name is Kenneth Pass and I would love if you would give me an interview please about my abduction please.

    I have pictures of what the extraterrestrials look like. And I drove the craft.. we were time travelling all through history and it's been recorded and documented by many thousands of people..

    I can be contacted on Facebook Messenger.

    Kenneth Pass.

    Please and thank you sir.

  10. I also have a very bad feeling about Luis Elizondo, I don't know why.
    I don't believe a word, not a syllable … 🖖👽

  11. Funny how some act like it's such a stretch to conclude "alien". Seems to me that if there are craft that perform like nothing on earth (and have for thousands of years) "alien" is reasonable thing to ponder.

  12. 1:54:20


    Add a public comment…

    Dear Martin, greets from MX, awesome show, would like to participate as a guest to talk in your podcast, topic: my book on ET, and why the arrogance of non-believers (including De Grasse Tyson and Kaku, etc.) keep many in denial of a fact: ET exist and their tech is unfathomably superior to ours by all means. Grateful to Bushing, he should come back, his story is absolutely compelling, no need to be wondering about whether ET exist or not… But many disguise their fear with a mask of "skepticism". Radars and jet pilots testimonies will never be enough for stubborn people who just don't know how to value the real evidence. Hugs.

  13. youre informed like chicken.baloon dolls roswell all was happenning years latter .ey they are not from space .theyre other worlds idiot.humans stupidity.you dont even know agencies that exist.goverment people dont know.secret is so dark you can not imagine.why lights.religions would collapse cities would burn believe me.who is lady in white its not virgin mary go to chris bledsoe all agencies go there.so its manipulation bye religion.rel..to keep humans inshackles

  14. so some elizondo and company know 5 percennt,its the secret of secrets .you can not tell stupid people this things 80 percent of people go to wars in usa for opium trade and oil dominance in the name of democracy.for some corporate manipulated president its called fascism.and then uf 911 drug addiction in usa what you it is what you shit so know you have shit in usa .invading other countries for profits look history

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