06-01-21 Ron James, FOIA UFO Materials, New Zealand 1978 Case

Filmmaker Ron James discusses the current UFO developments and his thoughts on how things may be orchestrated, and his work on MUFON Television and more.

Bio: Ron James is a filmmaker, on-camera personality, writer, editor, researcher, content creator and entrepreneur. He has won 19 national awards, including 4 EBE awards, The Telly Award and the Aegis Award for Excellence in Broadcasting four times. He has created 7 feature length documentaries and dozens of original series episodes. He produced the Citizen Hearing on Disclosure with Stephen Bassett, numerous other conferences and hundreds of hours of other finished content in the ET field.

James has also been involved at the highest levels of production for musical acts such as Guns & Roses, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Beach Boys, Earth Wind and Fire, Kendrick Lamar, and many more. He has created 150 studio-based DVDs covering specialized topics. He has made over 250 TV Commercials.

He currently makes his own shows including “Bigger Questions”, “Spacetime”, “MUFON Presents” and more. He maintains his own state-of-the-art independent production studio in Los Angeles. James is also the co-founder of MUFON Television, an online TV channel boasting the world’s largest collection of commercial free UFO related material.

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22 Comments on “06-01-21 Ron James, FOIA UFO Materials, New Zealand 1978 Case”

  1. It's not a crime against humanity to keep anti-gravity tech secret, because in the wrong hands(e.g., terrorists such as ISIS or Kim Jong Un), the world would come to an end. It's better to lock this up than take the risk that it ends up in the wrong hands.

  2. There are five abductions I accept as fact and then there is Ariel School 1994, these encounters show that they are aliens, or from another dimension. However most UFO celebrities shy away from mentioning abductions because they fear being called crack pots and want so very much to be accepted by the media and others. I think the real fear from the gov. is that if they ever tell the whole truth it may crumble some pillars of society that may lead to real societal problems and panic, depression, etc., such as possible crisis with religions and science. (?)

  3. Just viewed documentary movie, Savageland. Twice. This IMDb film on Amaz. Prime centers around 36 photographs of the Energy that possessed town folk, turning them into savage murderers. Artificially directed energies is the only game in town for Intel.

  4. Travis Walton and his brother have pulled off the longest lasting UFO hoax in history . He is lying. He never passed any lie detector tests . It did make him rich and helped his brother avoid a fine by the forest department and bankruptcy . That’s the real truth about Travis the con man .He has even failed a lie detector that if passed he would have been paid a huge sum of money . Martin has finally had a guest who is way out in left field . Not a good show .

  5. Jesus H Christ. This man is really gonna sit there and defend 3rd Phase and Secure Team 10? He lost all credibility with me.

  6. This is absolutely not the same as in the past . The connected world didn’t get involved like they are now , and ex presidents didn’t opine on the fact we have been seeing these objects.

  7. Look at the Brennan Center report on options for increasing intelligence oversight- THAT is the only thing to get to the heart of it.

  8. You made a comment James, about those triangles had navigation lights……..I disagree on that!.. It looked to me the whole darn craft strobed & looked like a heart beat, rather then independent lights like planes have…….Not normal to me!

  9. I disagree with the thinking that UFOs don't have lights . That can be a performance to open people's minds to their existence without having to land or make direct contact.

  10. "the end of the day" is seldom the end of anything, I'm sure. This was altogether an interesting discussion, though!

  11. I can not believe Harry Reid, John Podesta or some C!A shill will divulge anything of value. That TTSA thing was another smoke and mirrors scam. I do wish everyone the answers they search for but use some discernment.

  12. This guest is intelligent and articulate aswell as being somewhat open minded to skepticism but he really seems to jump to conclusions about these materials discovered in a lab. Does he have any idea how many materials/chemicals/drugs we use that were accidentally discovered in lab it happens all the time. Hes jumping to conclusions a little too much that it was alien technology released to navy scientists. He should really talk to some medalurgists and chemists before leaping like that. Maybe I'm missing something?

  13. I am a bit spooked by MUFON, peering through the window. I will not say why. Also, Your name is Move On! Lol. Okay, with all due respect. I appreciate the efforts.

    If you want, collaboration, the door is open. Radio, on.

    *I have not seen these*. But there’s more to this than saucers. The dots. The holes. The Door is open.

  14. I do not want to go on YouTube, tv, or a radio station. They can go ahead and erase me, I like privacy.

    I want to pass data. And mainly, the ability to collect more to assess. Because I’ve proven I can assess data, especially numbers

    Please seek out Doc Swchartz for info passed on the GMF/ptsd device event…

  15. Combat->Ptsd->CBT,CPT, hemisynch training-> enhanced sensory perception-> pattern recognition enhancement -> prosthetic alpha wave device – found NICAP looking for personal mil data-> saw one photo. Figured a lot out.

    I didn’t go looking for these. I arrived here. On accident.

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