06-16-20 Ken Fortenberry, The 1957 Nash-Fortenberry UFO Sighting

Alejandro Rojas checks in for the first 25 minute, then guest Ken Fortenberry on his book, “Flight 7 Is Missing: The Search for My Father”, which has a really interesting UFO connection. Ken’s dad was a copilot aboard Flight 7 when it crashed in November 1957, which is known as the “Great Sighting Week” (There are great callers relating to this incident). His dad was also involved in a noted UFO sighting in 1952, the first over head sighting, the Nash-Fortenberry UFO Sighting

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KEN H. FORTENBERRY is a nationally recognized investigative journalist and author who has earned more than 200 state, regional, and national awards for excellence in reporting and writing.

Millions of Americans were introduced to the author when he was featured on the CBS’s 60 Minutes and NBC’s Today show and in The New York Times for his courageous coverage of a corrupt county sheriff in South Carolina. His first book, Kill the Messenger, tells about his family’s trials and tribulations — including death threats and bombings — during that investigation, and was optioned for a television movie.
The retired newspaper editor lives with his wife, Anna, in the mountains of North Carolina, where he is working on a new book, The Field on Hanging Tree Road, a coming-of-age novel set against the backdrop of the Vietnam War and the civil rights era in the South.
Ken is a member of the Nonfiction Authors Association and The Authors Guild. For more about the author and his works go to: www.kenfortenberry.com

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15 Comments on “06-16-20 Ken Fortenberry, The 1957 Nash-Fortenberry UFO Sighting”

  1. Dang it I always get back from work to late to catch it live. Oh well, maybe next time. Love your show Martin! Love how you challenge people and their credibility. I’m fairly new to the subject (4 years) and I’ve gotten a lot of information from your show. Thanks again!

  2. The Boeing 337 Stratocruiser had notorious engine/propeller issues….often props would over speed due to prop governor failures. There is a video on YouTube of a Pan Am Flight 6, a Boeing 337 successfully ditching going from Honolulu to San Francisco after such an engine failure….Mr Fortenberry describes it here as well at 38:47

  3. I do not agree with Rojas AT ALL about the Wilson document. Of COURSE they will deny! Duh… Meanwhile, he has a "To The Stars" T-shirt on! GTFOH!!!

  4. I can't listen to this when after every few words all I hear is "uh" and "um", it gets really annoying after the first few hundred times. The presenter needs to review this for himself and work on speaking properly.

  5. The Wilson document is useless, it reveals NOTHING, as I indicated when it first came out. The gist of the document is some guy heard some UNNAMED program manager talk about some ufo somewhere, someplace. Richard Dolan can continue to trumpet this stupid document as some big thing. It's just an anecdote, an unconfirmed STORY, NO EVIDENCE. Ok people? Or go pay Dolan more money for nothing. Not me. Dolan is stuck in a loop, starting with Kenneth Freaking Arnold and ending with the Wilson memo and the U.S. Navy disclosures, then just starting the loop again.

  6. So glad to hear Alejandro is starting a new podcast.. don’t mind paying at all as I have really missed him!

  7. Great guest for the episode 👍 but when Rojas shows up wearing a TTSA shirt and a wall of merch behind him that he’s trying to sell it’s hard to take him seriously.

  8. Dude I can't believe you have a YouTube channel!! I use to live the program on Dark Matter. But as we all know that network went to shit in a hand bag so I haven't heard the show on months. This here is a hundred times better. Greatest move you could have ever done

  9. I seen thumbnail and thought how did i miss this episode.clicked on and realized i didnt miss it the guest just looked different oh well ill watch again

  10. "It's always aliens, right?" Wrong. It's never aliens. That's the Pentagon and NASA and generally authorities view all areound the world.

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