06-22-21 Preston Dennett, 25 True UFO Encounters

Preston Dennett back on to speak about his new book: Wondrous: 25 True UFO Encounters.  Published for the first time, these true firsthand accounts cover the gamut of the UFO phenomenon: sightings, USOs, landings, face-to-face meetings with ETs, onboard UFO encounters, and whistleblower stories revealing shocking secrets the government doesn’t want you to know.

PRESTON DENNETT began investigating UFOs and the paranormal in 1986 when he discovered that his family, friends and co-workers were having dramatic unexplained encounters. Since then, he has interviewed hundreds of witnesses and investigated a wide variety of paranormal phenomena. He is a field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a ghost hunter, a paranormal researcher, and the author of 28 books and more than 100 articles on UFOs and the paranormal. Several of his books have been Amazon UFO bestsellers. His articles have appeared in numerous magazines including Fate, Atlantis Rising, MUFON UFO Journal, Nexus, Paranormal Magazine, UFO Magazine, Phenomena Magazine, Mysteries Magazine, Ufologist and others. His writing has been translated into several different languages including German, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Icelandic. He has appeared on numerous radio and television programs, including Midnight in the Desert with Art Bell, Coast-to-Coast and also the History Channel’s Deep Sea UFOs and UFO Hunters. His research has been presented in the LA Times, the LA Daily News, the Dallas Morning News and other newspapers. He has taught classes on various paranormal subjects and lectures across the United States. He currently resides in southern California.



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  1. No, no, no, a thousand times NO on the finger wagging ETs sending us a message about how we might destroy ourselves. Absurd, no ET is required to tell us what we already know.
    You notice the abductees never come back with something NEW about this universe.

  2. The trouble is , weeding out the factual from the psycho factual (people that love attention) to the hallucinations …and yet seem in every other way like 'normal' working human beings … honestly idk how some people survive with the way they act … i mean we have people right now refusing truth for conspiracy (you know whom i'm talking about) … I truly wish real facts were more a part of our society of human existence … sadly 'Lying' has become survival and even how well one might survive. … i'm not saying anyone here is lying, but honestly idk what the truth is factually

  3. Preston Dennett should be MUCH MORE well known than
    he is …..

    is 1 of my favorite human beings, researchers, excellent authors. He breaks sightings down by topics (i.e. schoolyard sightings, healing cases, UFOs at drive-in theaters, USOs, etc.). He's an original
    & has grown in depth &
    weight, content, confidence & clarity since I first started listening to Preston since about 3-4 years ago on a # of different
    shows & formats.

  4. Preston is, hands-down, one of the most sane, knowledgeable, and likeable people in the UFO research field.

  5. The tic tac UFO's movement shown on the famous videos and simulations in documentaries, somehow i feel i have seen something else move like this; sifaka lemurs jumping around

  6. I really like listening to Preston…I've been very vocal about the nuclear/ufo link. Recently the American government announced $140 billion dollars on upgrading/R&D on its nuclear weapons program…

  7. Quite a compelling and mind boggling interview. The message is clear as far as our nuclear capabilities are concerned. It seems as if “they” are giving us a stark warning which should be taken seriously.

  8. I still don't get why 'they' are so secretive? If 'they' try to "warn" us or "teach" us.. ? Why not just come out.. ? 🤔

  9. I feel strongly that the ridicule of these anecdotes largely comes from the way they're orated by Americans.

  10. I had an infant out of body experience and saw smoke like tendrils snaking toward my crib four years later I watched an a bomb explode on tv smirked turned face away from my mother so she wouldn’t see it as I thought ‘they think that’s a bomb’ . I’ve had a bunch of other impossible experiences since then my first was in 1953 my last 2003

  11. I know my experiences are pretty much opposite from the ufo prevailing narratives never lost any time no sleep paralyze no grays or abduction memories in fact just the opposite don’t know why I’ve always felt I’m not from here bizarre inappropriate I know psychotic, we’ll I’m 68 and raised two kids been happily married for 35 years have a beautiful grandson so if I’m crazy I’ve sure kept it under control

  12. Very interesting topic today. The "we as a species" you guys all say, I hope the Eats know that the we isn't all of us, that it's greed that keeps screwing up the environment.i really think everyone would be on board with cleaning up our act if money wasn't so important to the idiots that run the world. Thank you for another great episode. Peace And love.

  13. Whatever and whoever and all case and personal information, in Mufon files… was sold to a Pentagon contractor… So, has been "reported"…

  14. @8:23.."I assumed UFOS were only seen by uneducated people"…that was a self revealing comment..I would almost bet a $1000 as to who he voted for.

  15. Hearing Preston Dennett say he knows several family members who have seen UFOs is unbelievable enough but that 2 of those encounters involved beings is utterly ridiculous.

  16. his friend that has regular contact and conversations with the aliens? Lol… so why isn't she the most famous person in history? why doesn't she prove it? that's when it becomes absolutely BS nonsense, these people discredit everything. This guy seems completely not credible at all.

  17. This is fascinating. Moss Landing is not far from where I live. I've also heard that the ET's are concerned about our (humans') violent nature, our weapons of mass destruction, and our environmental destruction of Earth. I don't believe they have bad intentions for us, just want us to learn to care for our planet and get along with one another before it's too late.

  18. I have to tell you Martin that I really enjoyed this show. I really enjoy Preston as a guest and I’d love to get some of his books preferably signed. Any knowledge on how this can be done?

  19. “Oh, a 15-feet-Praying Mantis walking around ahead of me on the road at night. Let’s follow it!” Every alone woman’s instinct. 😀

  20. OMG, 1997 again! That was the year of my incredible daylight UFO experience. Seems like our visitors were super busy that year…

  21. Actually, I received 17 sequential images taken by a photographer working on a shoot to take photos of a car traveling at high speed in Miami. Only later when reviewing them did he discover these two weird objects zooming into view and then hovering and moving around the vertical stacks of a Carnival cruise ship. Although the two UFOs can only be seen sharply in one image, many of the images appear to show the two differently shaped UFOs with some kind of dark appendage attached to them. They are truly weird, but are not drones or any other objects as far as I can tell. I’ll try sending the images to the host so he can share them with viewers.

  22. As for the missing baby, that’s exactly what human scientists do to primates. None of this should be surprising to anyone.

  23. A VERY serious person heard about my experience in 1997 and then told me the most incredible UFO healing story. A green beam of plasma (or some other light/substance) stretched a quarter mile from a visible UFO on the ground, through his window and into his elbow which was scheduled to be operated on the next morning for horrible tennis elbow. He was frozen, couldn’t scream and eventually the beam pulled back to the UFO which shot up too fast to see. He eventually passed out and in the morning his elbow felt perfect. He and his wife drove to the hospital and told the doctor to scan his elbow. They did and the results showed perfection. The doctor was stunned. They left and never went back. 😮 The man is not into any of this sort of thing and stared at me with scared eyes when he told me. It was shocking.

  24. There are very clearly multiple species visiting and while some have obvious empathy for humanity, others do not.

  25. If they wanted to destroy humanity, they easily could’ve tipped a huge asteroid to earth already and wiped us all out.

  26. God is much closer than you think!!

    1. We have all sinned – Romans 3:23

    2. The wages of sin is death – Romans 6:23

    3. Must be perfect to go to Heaven – Revelation 21:27

    4. Man cannot earn his salvation – Ephesians 2:8-9

    5. Christ died for our sins – 2 Corinthians 5:21

    6. Only believe – John 3:16, John 6:47

    7. You can know you have eternal life – 1 John 5:13

    The 'GOOD NEWS' is eternal security!! Romans 1:16

    1 Corinthians 15:1-4, saves lost souls. Please get saved in the Lord Jesus Christ, time is running out!!

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