08/03/2021 Stream 1/2: Paul Ascough, UFOs – The Real Story

Guest Paul Ascough discusses the bigger picture with all of its complexities and is interlaced with many of the authors own sightings throughout his life.

Paul Ascough has lived in Yorkshire all his life and investigated the phenomenon of UFOs and the paranormal for over 50 years. To give the reader a little more of my professional background, I have been in the medical field all my working life. I left school and attended college as a Nurse Cadet with my SRN training, then an Occupational Nurse for the National Coal Board, followed by being a British Army medic. Finally my last employment was as a Paramedic in ‘God’s own country’ of Yorkshire until my recent retirement. I joined the British Army as an infantry medic, rising to the dizzy heights of Staff Sergeant and seeing service in many countries, both as a regular soldier and in the Territorial Army. Paul Ascough is a former paramedic in both the NHS and the British Army. He has been involved in UFO research for over 50 years.


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