08-18-20 John Michael Greer, The UFO Phenomenon: Fact, Fantasy and Disinformation

Guest John Michael Greer speaking on his new book, The UFO Phenomenon: Fact, Fantasy and Disinformation and more.

John Michael Greer is a widely respected author and blogger in the fields of nature spirituality and the future of industrial society. He is the author of more than fifty books and his blog, Ecosophia. https://www.ecosophia.net/
He lives in Rhode Island with his wife Sara.

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36 Comments on “08-18-20 John Michael Greer, The UFO Phenomenon: Fact, Fantasy and Disinformation”

  1. So what John Michael Greer means to say is that the American Army has been showing the "Left Hand" to the humans in the entire world across multiple countries since the 1940's. What a shit head.
    Visit Mount Kailash and Lake Mansarovar spend some time there and your army disinformation theory can be flushed through the drain.
    This guy just needs to bring out something new to the UFO field to make some money and he thought about these theories of his.
    I stopped at 44:02.

  2. Your right progress!, yes their on too something all right ,,,,,new Air craft!. Start popping up and What happened too all the money that went missing no body looked for it yeah someone got it , all of a sudden reports of all these new sittings ..Thank You it was very interesting…black Dog Out….

  3. Why is he whispering his opinions, replies and theories? He must be extremely wary might someone like Travis Walton hear him while he's making up everything.

  4. ZZ top.. this is going to be fun? if want to interview someone ask Venus Will Pullins GF to come on and talk her experiences

  5. they were working on massive blimps 5 stories high.. can be any size.. they could fly high altitude like a air carrier lile a shop on the sea. right.. so its not out there not to be black ops

  6. actually arnold saw 2 different shape UFOs designs.. and Ive tried to point out they were experimenting with recovered naasee plans with germans who decided to work with usa.. thats what I think he saw.. and Mr Rhode saw and photo-ed.. and it went wrong and might explain the roswell crash.. the aliens could of be monkeys used to remote fly one to edge of space 🙂 how about that theory.. Ive covered it in lives and got poor old Rob worked up over it.

  7. It’s a one of the many guesses as to what they are. There are so many different types of life forms. Underworlds, , on world , overworlds, inner world beings. I saw a tri craft a few years back with a group of people in Chief Lake WI on July 5th. It was slowly rotating and hovering super close right over our cabin. The thing is- I reached out with my mind the night before. I don’t usually do that but when I do I am almost always going to see something.

  8. Arnold reported craft moving east to west. Oops first fail. I would agree some reports are ours but doesn't everyone? And religious visions? BS

  9. Lets say his theory is true… How can he then explain UFO sightings pre 1940-ish ?! In the 1800's ? In the 1700's ?! Mr Greer.. go back and restudy this subject.. and do it right…

  10. Love your shows but why bring a debunker to the show? Doesent it kind of do the opposite of making the UFO phenomenen reach out to the pupblic eye?

  11. Martin this is becoming a bad habit. Why ask debunkers with no experience with sightings himself come on your show? I had to skip most of your show. I just couldn’t handle this clown. He wrote 59 books? Instead of just writing for the sake of writing he should do a bit of thinking first.

  12. The author writes a book titled "The UFO Phenomenon: Fact, Fantasy and Disinformation" and is NOT familiar with the Belgium UFO wave, Ariel or Westall? Inconceivable!

  13. It took me two days to get through this tedious interview. This man is so full of nonsense and has certainly not done his research. Please stop giving these dull people air time and more importantly, stop wasting your time with these cranks.

  14. Hate to disagree will the all the "religious" folks (ie- UFO religion), but he is about 85% correct. But he is exactly the type of skeptic that he seemed to point out in the beginning…"if they didn't see it themselves then it doesn't exist". I mean he poo poos all the actual witnesses regarding Roswell….so are all those people disinformation agents working for the government? I don't know what happened there…inctially like the theory put forth in Annie Jacobsen's book. Anyhow….I've long felt that the real UFO coverup is the covering up of our technology not aliens.

  15. Same old BS: Swamp Gas, Weather Baloon, old CIA narrative claiming "It was all us you fools move along" referring to SR-71, U-2 etc. Spewing nonsense on top of being ignorant, lazy and boring. Oh Gosh !! Even more boring than Sarah Scoles clown.

  16. Does he try to explain every case which is claimed as a craft from somewhere else, as the U.S. gov distraction?
    That's a distraction with a purpose to deny in worst case, and in best case being close minded and too attracted to his own theory.
    I think he should explain as a distraction those cases that has evidence of it or good reasons to suspect it.

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