08-31-21 David Marceau, Military Reservist, UFO Witness

Guest David Marceau witnessed in 1992 an Oblong-shaped UFO fly over the Canadian army base in New Brunswick where he was stationed. The otherworldly craft appeared to be over an acre long.

David Marceau experienced a close encounter with an alien spaceship while on duty with the US Army Reserves in August, 1992. He was guarding an ammo cache deep in the woods on annual summer training when an enormous spaceship appeared within 100 yards of his position.

David has appeared on:
– History Channel’s Unidentified
– The UFO Believers podcast
– The Unidentified podcast
– That UFO Podcast
– Mike Damante’s Punk Rock and UFOs
– Michael Mataluni’s The Singularity Lab (Prospectively on 8/12/21

David has published nearly 200 blog articles on Alien & UFO Philosophy at He is the producer of YouTube Channel

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