09-01-20 Tom Warner, Berkshire UFO Encounter- 51st Anniversary

If you watched NETFLIX Unsolved Mysteries, Episode 5 Berkshires UFO, then you saw our guest, Tom Warner and heard him tell part of his unheard of encounter. Tom tells what happened 51 years ago that night, September 1, 1969, in great detail, and how it effected his life, the aftermath and more.
Tom’s book, OUT NOW:

BIO: Tom Warner was born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts and raised at the historic 1835 Warner Homestead, which is included in the Historic Homes and Institutions of Berkshire County Massachusetts. He is a historian, artist, poet and the Author ‘Beyond The Stars’ which is an autobiography of Tom Warner 

 Tom is a self-taught watercolor artist and was named to the
American Gallery Greatest American Painters, winner of James Weldon Johnson Literary Foundation Legacy Award for stellar contributions to Literature and the Arts. His works are in the James Weldon Johnson Institute, Emory University, Fisk University and the Roswell UFO Museum.

Tom was inducted in the Great Barrington Historical Society Museum Berkshire UFO  and recently featured in NETFLIX,  Unsolved Mysteries, Ep. 5, ‘Berkshires UFO’.

Go to original youtube video here UCSTVGU0oHJp-gvlYPfWUvWQ

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