1.8 billion pixels! Amazing New Mars Panorama From Perseverance, May 31, 2021

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27 Comments on “1.8 billion pixels! Amazing New Mars Panorama From Perseverance, May 31, 2021”

  1. Le décors de la Mauritanie ! Maus pas de mars ! Ilage de la naza 99.99 fausse ! La revelation prochaine le 21 juin du PANTAGONE vas etre époustouflant. Des mensonges énorme !!

  2. How stupid you have to be not to ask for yourself … What happened to the surface of Mars? Anyone can see the big scratch! All the "people" there live under the surface planet! We are allowed to have only a few bases there just for research!

    And by 2029, our planet must lose 75% of its humanity. After that, we are under the command of the stranger! NASA has not wanted to send a rocket to the moon since the '70s and now they are so interested in the Moon and Mars! This cannot be a coincidence ….

  3. Nice view of rocks. How about life forms, underground base's and such things. Its well known that they are there.

  4. Vendo assim dá a impressão que choveu pra caramba no planeta e está tudo molhado de muita chuva.

  5. These mars photos are all so corrupted, there layered you can tell just look at the lines there hiding things in the background.

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