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  1. Sun is at 5 o'clock, not 2 o'clock, which changes a few things. You are seeing some things I have a hard time seeing, but there is definitely a lot of anomalies in this image. Let's go back and investigate! Keep it up!

  2. Around 6:34 if you look to the left of the spherical structure you can see what looks like the statue of a human(oid) which is almost twice as tall as the spherical structure. It has two legs and at least one arm that I can see.

  3. The long tube looking structure, resembles an overland belt system used in mining operations to move large amounts of ore/ material away from the operation. What do you think?

  4. i know you get masive amounts of info, ive sent you some cool stuff, butt never got a reply. love your work

  5. How do I send you a picture and video i took of the noon with something really weird flying on the surface

  6. I love your vids bro…
    There looks to be some kind of structural patterns there but not what your saying that they are

  7. AT 4;50 STOP THE VIDEO. NOW LOOK BACK TO THE LEFT OF THE SCREEN TO THE MOUND AND DISH WE JUST LEFT Now look at that in another way… look at the 'black part of the mound' directly in front of you… now to the left of it see the part the sun is hitting. Now try to see the mound as not a mound, see it as a building's back side, in shadow. Try to see it as a pyramid shaped building that has a dish on top and on its right flank that tall poll sticking up. YOu have to get out of your mind that is a mound to see the pyramid like shape. Once I saw it that way, the light hitting it perfectly and casting shadows exactly where they would be… Once I saw the pyramid with a dish on top and a poll on its side, I couldn't see anything else, it was perfect,

  8. If you have to point something out and explain what it is, and the viewer has to look at it for more than half a second to recognize it, ITS NOTHING. Just natural stuff that LOOKS like what you think it is.

  9. Near the end there from like the 6:009:00 mark there is alot going on in the right hand side. 3 structures, 2 rectangular buildings on either side of what looks like a road and one inside the crater in top right. Also what looks like a possible vehicle on the road in between the two buildings. Lots of square like objects in top right.

  10. Pretty good work for your first voiced over video. Feels like I really watched some history here! 👍🏻

  11. not dissing this photo, but if we can see a galaxy a million light years away, why can't we get 1 hi-res photo of our moons surface, that is roughly 365000 miles away!!! very confusing, and frustrating!!

  12. Your "bridges" have sectional cross member supports. I would suggest this is Human construction.

  13. The individual posting this video as "Tyler" is not Tyler. Tyler, please confirm that this is actually you. It does not sound like you.

  14. Why don't we send a team up there to check it out or perhaps an orbiter to photograph it more closely then we'd have no doubts? Oh right, we tried that and only got lied to.

  15. Bruce has taught us if you think you see something in a photo, get out a magnifying glass and have a closer look.
    There is so much going on in this photo, just like some of the NASA photos, when you get in close.

  16. Idk y there’s clear pic of the moon but when someone is trying to show u towers or something the pic looks like it was takin in the 50s

  17. Whomever is preventing disclosing these things to the public has created a very dangerous situation. The claim that it is for the good of society to keep the "truth" hidden, fearing what may happen in regards to panic and the like should we find out what is going on is short sighted and childish. I say the reaction will be FAR MORE DANGEROUS when not if the public discovers we have been purposely kept in the dark regarding such topics. The masses will rise up against those who have hidden the knowledge which is rightly theirs. A veil of distrust and anger will pervade the Earth, and it will be directed toward the liars. THAT would be the destruction of our society. Let us all share in the wonder of creation and all of it's varieties before it is too late.

  18. 6:10 dude look at the largest crater above all the bridges you're talking about. The one at the top right. Its a bigcrater and look inside that crater. You can seea perfect outline of a person standing up. a head, shoulders, arms and body. Directly inside that big crater up top. Once you see it it sticks out big time.

  19. https://prnt.sc/12zjn53 – Screen Shot : I highlighted a lot of the structures I see. I have decided, since you are back, I am going to go back through and watch every video again for the second time for a lot of them but the third time for many and some I have seen far more times then I could remember to share. But I just feel like I should go through and refresh.

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