11-12-19 Preston Dennett, Schoolyard UFO Encounters, 100 True Accounts

UFOlogist Sam Maranto joins us to talk UFOs in Chicago, then guest Preston Dennett discusses his latest book, Schoolyard UFO Encounters, 100 true accounts, from encounters you often hear about, to lessor known, yet still extremely fascinating. https://www.amazon.com/Schoolyard-UFO-Encounters-True-Accounts/dp/1075776988

PRESTON DENNETT began investigating UFOs and the paranormal in 1986 when he discovered that his family, friends and co-workers were having dramatic unexplained encounters. Since then, he has interviewed hundreds of witnesses and investigated a wide variety of paranormal phenomena. He is a field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON), a ghost hunter, a paranormal researcher, and the author of 24 books and more than 100 articles on UFOs and the paranormal. His articles have appeared in numerous magazines including Fate, Atlantis Rising, MUFON UFO Journal, Nexus, Paranormal Magazine, UFO Magazine, Mysteries Magazine, Ufologist and others. His writing has been translated into several different languages including German, French, Portuguese, Russian, and Icelandic. He has appeared on numerous radio and television programs, including Midnight in the Desert with Art Bell, Coast-to-Coast with George Knapp, Exploring Unexplained Phenomenon with Scott Colborn, and many others. He has appeared on Unsealed, Deep Sea UFOs 1 & 2, UFO Hunters and more. His research has been presented in the LA Times, the LA Daily News, the Dallas Morning News and other newspapers. He has taught classes on various paranormal subjects and lectures across the United States. He currently resides in Reseda, California.
If you would like to interview Preston, please contact him at:
Email: prestone@pacbell.net or prestonufo@gmail.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/preston.dennett

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26 Comments on “11-12-19 Preston Dennett, Schoolyard UFO Encounters, 100 True Accounts”

  1. dang! just missed it live. great show as usual. like Prestons stuff – especially USOs and Catalina Island. the Coronado Incident is another great book i highly recommend to all ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks Martin, et al

  2. You need to have Sam Maranto on as your main guest sometime, I enjoyed your way too short conversation with him.

  3. dont need rojas.. might be better without him.. so own news segment.. here is some info.. for weeks and months I talked about holographic decoys and radar cloaking tech on my lives.. well warzone has released info about navy using swams of drones . darpa research.. no one asked them only lockheed right.. so what I was saying before g forces.. one explanation I said could be a swarm of drones that cloak and so looks like on fast moving object on the radar and would explain 100s of bleeps Keven Day saw… sadly this case might destroy the real alien craft cases. navy disinfo worked again..

  4. mufon subs is clear.. no one trust them.. you read inside MUFON about Chase having a secret DB for the star team cases, and how they leave cases open so they not public.. also MUFON Tv chase said Tyler of Secureteam10 was awesome this is why..

  5. rob and I covered all this last month in 3 lives lol.. School UFOs,, its free no buying books needed ;F I suspect some of those 100s he claims arent very good and many made up by witnesses

  6. you cant find any of these cases on the web except the known 3.. hidden cases of course.. and stuff in personal collections.. and databases.. why google wanted to scan in all mags and books .. look how easy it would if they were allowed. but you can buy it in a book ๐Ÿ™‚ hhmm

  7. I live in NZ and never heard of a School UFO case.. espc 400 kids.. espc next to airport has never made the news. or been repeated on NZ ufo docus.. hmm I dont recall seeing it in the NZ DOD xfiles release. how did he search millions of new papers scans for UFO stories.. it would drive you mad… more going on here some help for sure..

  8. This "school yard" dude sounds like the usual nutter. All these sightings and not a single picture? Where are the security guards and teachers? All asleep? And then he's into the conspiracy stuff. I have yet to be convinced that any encounter, beyond level 1, UFO sightings, exist beyond the imagination or put out there by real charlatans such as Bob Lazar

  9. To call this a fascinating interview would nearly be an understatement. Nevertheless, what fascinates me even more is how a society as a whole can manage to stay in deny of this matter over such a long time. About 10 years ago, I saw a very unusual (to say the least) aircraft myself, which I reported then to MUFON, and a friend and a colleague of mine, both in company with others, have had similar occurrences too in their lives.

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