11-13-20 Tim McMillan, THE DEBRIEF, UFOs, Disruptive Technology & More

Guest Tim McMillan to discuss the launching of The Debrief website with news focusing on disruptive technology, UFO being part of that. The website thedebrief.org has great factual stories on it that you will not find elsewhere. Tim also discusses his connections with government insiders and his insight on the UFO phenomenon.


BIO: As a youth growing up in Savannah, Georgia; Lt. Tim McMillan (Ret.) never thought he’d one day end up a police officer. However, in July of 2002, after the murder of two childhood friends, Lt. McMillan found himself consumed with a burning desire to make a positive difference in his community. Less than a year after that tragic July night – at only 21-years old- Lt. McMillan would raise his right hand and be sworn in as a police officer in Garden City Police Georgia.

During his law enforcement career, Lt. McMillan served in a diverse number of roles, including, Patrol Officer; Investigator; Crime Scene Technician; K9-handler; Sergeant, Lieutenant and Assistant Patrol Commander.

Lt. McMillan holds numerous law enforcement certifications including being a criminal investigative and intelligence analyst. Additionally, Lt. McMillan is a P.O.S.T. certified instructor – teaching numerous courses for academy, local, state and federal law enforcement and domestic intelligence officers.

In 2006-2007, Lt. McMillan was named “Officer of the Year” with GCPD. In 2012, while serving as the Part-time Beach Patrol Commander, he was named the 2012 Police Officer of the year for the Tybee Island Police Department. Additionally, of the course of his career, Lt. McMillan was awarded seven Chief’s Accommodations for exceptional service; and in 2004, he was formally commended by Georgia Governor Sonny Purdue for his service during the G8 Summit.
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29 Comments on “11-13-20 Tim McMillan, THE DEBRIEF, UFOs, Disruptive Technology & More”

  1. So we have a Batman balloon and a compelling smoking gun photo if a triangle no-one is allowed to show us.
    It is very frustrating to hear these stories of alleged undeniable smoking guns images and video no-one seems be allowed to see.
    It makes me wonder is its all just a load of bull.

  2. A very good interview with a fine guest, Martin. Your questions too were excellent, thank you.

  3. Good stuff…Micah…use to work with him and his group in Asheville NC from time to time back in early 2000's…good guy. BUT I hate to be THAT guy , the "jumping " movements look to be camera panning, tilting tracking the object…certain movements you see the terrain /horizon line move as well.

  4. TIM MCMILLAN is a ****(LIAR)*****!!!!!

    Tim Mcmillian published that Photo of the UFO, KNOWING that the UFO, was JUST a BALLOON!!!!

    Tim Mcmillian published that BALLOON UFO Photo, just to help build PUBLICITY for his new DEBRIEF site!

  5. I’ve just had a thought on the possible altitude of the F18 with the image of the unknown object. A comparison is made with another image taken from an aircraft that is allegedly at around 30,000ft which shows far less curvature of the earth than the image taken from the F18, the conclusion being the F18 may be at an even higher altitude. We must consider the FOV of the cameras as barrel distortion can flatten curves or bend straight lines.

  6. Why weren't we 1st told what this is about? (or were we, and did I miss something?) I am 36 min. into this.

  7. Hey, some guys, both named Cory, will make a career of the yet to be disclosed triangle photograph. It'll be like that museum with the mummified ET body. Hee Hee Hee.

  8. So basically anyone who works in government, can’t say anything? They can’t release anything themselves, they can only talk about secret USA craft that’s been captured on video? Reminds me of how Spacex used to have a UFO video on their website. It was actually their Dragon. This video is no different.

  9. I think this whole thing (the Tic-Tac and onward) is staged for whatever reason. The balloon-photo is 'leaked' but not the triangle-photo? Sorry I don't buy it.

  10. Tim is a liberal smudge pot. His ilk have done their best to infect Forteana with TDS. Go wokey stay hokey

  11. Ufos can look like balloons, Ebani for instance. They mimic and shape shift. Batman ballon in your photo also looks yellow object looks shiny. Would need more background from pilot.

  12. Is this guy Tim McMillan sticking to his story about that ufo , coming out from under water, while a pilot was flying, and took the picture? Are you seriously telling me that he doesn't know that's a balloon? Because it is clearly a balloon!! How can he not know that, but I do?

  13. I remember seeing the Nellis Range video in the 90s here in the UK. Then finding Steve Barone's channel was great, he films a lot of objects and orbs over areas of LV.

  14. its not a batman BALLOON LOL. its a 18inch Heart Balloon. see my real analysis on it. geeh

  15. that area51 video is BS.. its a dam blow fly in front of the lens and walks on the lens too.. the radar bar dont even make sense for it. its a faked video leaked.. I think you released the balloon and using crappy ufo videos is not being honest at all and publicity stunt.. at least I agree with GUFON on that one.

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