#118 There has been a rise in UFO and drone sightings near aircraft and airports in 2021.

In this episode we will be talking about the recent uptick in the amount of UFO and drone sightings near commercial and military pilots all over the world!

We will cover recent ufo sightings from the USA, and Canada made by commercial and military airline pilots.

One commercial airliner was actually struck by what the pilot described as a drone and had to return to Ohare airport.

I will discuss the possibilities of what these sightings could mean, as well as UFO programs like Sign, Grudge, Bluebook, AATIP, and the UAPTF. Ill even give you my opinion of Lue Elizondo and Jeremy Corbell, so you wont want to miss this one!

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Pilots Report Green UFO over Canada July 31, 2021

Envoy Air impacts a drone after take off from Chicago

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