12-22-20 Jack Sliwa, UFO/UAP Behavior and More!

Guest, Jack Sliwa debut on the UFO/UAP topic. Jack discusses his research, including angel hair trace cases, as well as touching on some thoughts of UFO propulsion and much more. Check out his website: https://www.uapbehavior.com/
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BIO: Jack Sliwa is originally from the Boston area, he earned a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University in Boston, Mass. and then an MS in Materials Science from Stanford University in Palo Alto, California. While at Northeastern University Jack did a CO-OP at the Charles Stark Draper Labs (CSDL) in Cambridge, Mass. where he worked to design and test Inertial Navigation Instruments. He was selected as CO-OP of the year by the late Dr Draper, Prof. Emeritus of MIT, inventor of Inertial Navigation and founder of Draper Labs. That experience also got me interested in related subjects such as propulsion, communication and sensors of all types.  

 Jack then moved to California to attend Stanford and spent 40 years thereafter beginning with Silicon Valley labs and companies such as XEROX-PARC as a Member of the Research Staff-I.C and MEMs Fabrication processes.

​Jack would describe himself as a now-retired broad based Technologist with 150 patents and more pending in technical areas such as integrated circuit structures and process integration, MEMs, imaging of several types including ultrasound, a variety of display technologies, high-performance microelectronic packaging, thermal control, failure analysis, microscopy of all types, surgical devices, catheters, sensors and transducers. His job descriptions as time progressed ranged from Sr. Engineer, Member of the Research Staff, Sr. Director of Technology Development and V.P of Transducer Technology.

  Jack’s interest in UAP/UFOs was prompted by reading a range of credible authors and reports including Jaques Vallee, Olavo Fontes of Brazil, The Black Vault Site, the French COMETA Report, APRO Bulletins, FSR Journals, MUFON Journals, NICAP Periodicals and accounts of the McMinnville, Pascagoula, Oloron and the torrent of blatant French 1954 cases. Further motivators for me were and are the extensive AFU.se site, the NOUFORS (M. Deschamps, Canada) site and the superb Isaac Koi British site. Most recently he read the Dave Marler book “Triangular UFOs-An Estimate of the Situation” as well as the Malcolm Robinson Books “UFO Case Files of Scotland” Volumes 1&2. 

Jack did have one UFO sighting decades ago of a disk UFO doing a hockey-stick dive into NASA Ames Research Center and disappearing in Mountain View California. He reported it in a carefully prepared case report and drawing to MUFON.

  About 10 years ago in his spare time Jack began assembling a database of UAP/UFO cases and related materials as well as relevant technical articles having a bearing on his own or on his initiated team-explanations herein. That database is about 2.3 Terabytes in size and growing and is computer-searchable using complex and multiple parallel boolean search terms. It has been and will continue to be instrumental in preparing these explanations.
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34 Comments on “12-22-20 Jack Sliwa, UFO/UAP Behavior and More!”

  1. Love thia channel I mean this interviews we are all learning ao much from! Great work my friend. Great job. You are really onto something here

  2. Roswell denier? Odd considering how many death bead confessions from people who were "on the scene" in real time, exist.

  3. Without a doubt your best guest . You must ask him back for a second show so he can talk in more detail about the falling leaf description of UFO behavior described by witnesses . I suspect he will add a brilliant explanation to the behavior as he had with Angel Hair. kudos to you Martin for your coverage of thhis most fascinating subject matter. A Topic I have been fascinated with since my childhood . Happy holidays to all and let’s hope for a better New Year for all


    IF you have not seen it you HAVE TO watch this today.

    And after you watch or if you already have can you do a whole episode on the Above Majestic documentary?!?! That was one of the most jaw dropping documentaries I have seen on the subject in a long long time.

  5. "I don't wanna disappoint all the people that believe in Roswell." 27:31

    Oh, don't worry, you won't disappoint anyone with that absurd explanation 😂

  6. Great interview, absolutely fascinating and Jack your website is excellent. I had heard about Electrospinning & Angel Hair, quite a bit on the latter actually, before but never made the jump to link the two but it does make sense. The Belgian Triangle photo was quite eye-opening; I have seen this photo many times and I always wondered what the distortion around the lights were. I personally surmised they were a form of gravitational lensing but your explanation seems plausible.
    Thank you Martin, I love your show and you get excellent guests – I might not always agree with them but I always keep an open mind on this subject. Found this one particularly interesting and I couldn't believe how fast the time went, could have listened to Jack for hours.

  7. Interesting discussion. However I must say his dismissing of Hessdalen as piezo effects is bogus. When Hessdalen began the town was seeing the lights on a regular basis, and they lasted inthe air for a long time. Piezo electricity, ground fracture is very fleeting, seconds only and does not explain Hessdalen.

  8. If extraterrestrials wanted to be seen.. they would be.. this seems to be vehicles made by human hands, not as high tech as the extraterrestrial vehicles, i guess this is probably a more more logical explaination…

  9. I wonder if the interstellar object could've been covered with this stuff and then collected meteorites in space an got coated with the rocks.

  10. Content was great, but this guy sounds terrified. Have him drink a few scotches before coming on future shows.

  11. Martin, love your podcast and guest..subscribed! I'm also emersed in the ufo subject, curious if you've had the Allegany gentleman who were abducted on that camping trip? If not that would be a cool show, always found them to be credible. What are your thoughts on the Travis Walton incident?

  12. Jacks has some science views out of box thinking to myself. about a bubble around the craft it flies in to.. it wont have a sonic boom. a leading charged field – static feel and hum

  13. Great guest!!! Has Mr. Sliwa written any books? He needs to. Hope to hear A LOT more from him in the future.

  14. Ouch… the photo of the triangular craft at 130 has been proven a hoax. The guy himself claimed it as a polystyrene model sprayed black.

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