150 Plus Witnesses to Nuclear Weapons Site UFO Incursions

150 Plus Witnesses to Nuclear Weapons Site UFO Incursions

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Clip courtesy of: I-TEAM CH. 8 NEWS LAS VEGAS
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12 Comments on “150 Plus Witnesses to Nuclear Weapons Site UFO Incursions”


    Earthlings are like Kindergartners messing with Nuclear Weapons NOT Knowing the POWER Behind Them that IS CAUSING A RIPPLE EFFECT TOWARDS OTHER PLANETARY CIVILIZATIONS.

    Destroy Earth and You've Destroyed Other Planets In The Galaxy as well.

  2. I've been a full-time voiceover guy since 2010, and I'm currently offering FREE studio time for UFO/paranormal projects. If you have any questions, just ask. I'm really easy to work with!

  3. Here’s a BIG OLE THUMBS UP FOR YOU 👍 And btw i worked in Kingsman Arizona in 1998 , And i was shown several photographs of a dic shaped object on the back of a flat bed trailer truck being hauled across town in the middle of the NIGHT ! ! ! !

  4. Well I think it's obvious they don't want us destroying Earth‼ they're not doing recon getting ready to throw down with us in war, I just think they simply don't want us to destroy Earth maybe this is their home too you know like living under the ocean and stuff

  5. Maybe they are making sure that people aren’t doing bad things with these nuclear 💣 glad someone is disabling them!

  6. Nuclear facilities make good UFO bait. Every nuclear facility should be equipped with a large net that could be rocket propelled over the UFO.

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