37 Comments on “20 Meter Person In Antartica On Google Earth Map! UFO Sighting News.”

  1. Нашел это сегодня 1.08.2020 но почему она не двигается и находится на одном месте?Статична.

  2. Нашел это сегодня,но почему оно не двигается? Стоит на одном месте,не передвигается…что на тот момент что и на сегодняшний день??? Это картинка))Иллюзия воображения))

  3. There is giants in many legends. No smoke without fire. There are giants and gnomes and beings smaller than pearls or grains of sand, seeds… seeds of flowers or greenery can be seen as beings… carriers of souls in progress? Depending on perspective…? (Atlantis still hovering around us, not as a saga for people longing for mysteries but as a reality that has not outlived its karma…watching this being as a relative more than a stranger from 'space'? Or both? Questionmarks are beautiful. A symbol for both humans and aliens?) This post is wonderful to experience. Reminding of a hieroglyph to the whiteness, a hieroglyph full of life.

  4. This is an interesting video but for some of us Older People how about using Feet & Inch’s instead of Meters please

  5. Look at the upper right pattern of the snow. The defrosted snow patterns at the snow line have a little ball of defrosted snow on top of Them. A little ball lays on top of those as well same as the one he’s looking at

  6. Just a rock. Or simply a pattern in the snow just like the one next to it. Or is that a giant puppy???

  7. Other than a balloon, fallen angel hybrid, giant Nephilim most likely but maybe a robot, able to withstand the harsh weather, all we see is his standing no foot snow prints, like he was planted to be found.can we say a Google graphic, supposedly 200 feet below the ice are more giants. All clandestine to hide and lie to the public.

  8. Look up Chuck Missler on the aliens. If it's Nephilim, they were not good people, they were demanding blood sacrifices and and the burning of children, Moloch, Ashtoreth, These are in the Old Testament. Look up the Titans.

  9. The researcher Linda Moulton did a true story on military in Afghanistan coming on smaller giant. It stabbed one soldier and they shot it to death. We know they exist they hide the bones I believe to not give the Bible it's authenticity of giants.

  10. If guys you trust in alien ok good but God exist to me be cuz I seen miracle from God on my eye (:

  11. All I will say is: Just keep an open mind for what is coming, folks! There are some real surprises in the making.

  12. Rather, it is a crashed and overturned helicopter. You can also see the traces of the propeller on the snow on the rock. Or maybe a small plane.

  13. Without all that zipping back and forth check out the area in front of the suspposed entrance to the cave there is what looks like footsteps in the snow that's been covered up but still and barely be seen, interesting find, who want's to go and check it out ?

  14. There were giants 1 mile tall in the pre flood times; info courtesy of Miguel Jimenez Shield of the Son.

  15. Your seeing it wrong!! It's a weapon of types or Alien technology, your only seeing the sides,if you look properly it has a white front panel I drew it out on a FB post. 🙂

  16. I can't rememhis name but thier was a well known General from USAin th 70s I believe had alot of medals and trusted set for an expedition to Antarctica. With a small army with a warlord what would he go there with all that.. He apparently found inner earth with giants living inside earth and reptilliand etc..

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