200,000 Year Old Timeline of Civilization – Paul Wallis / Matt LaCroix Interview July 2020

Paul Wallis and Matt LaCroix discuss Ancient -Civilizations. What is the timeline of human civilization? With ancient descriptive writings, geological and archeological evidence, underwater structures, and lost civilizations .. how far back does this incredible story of humanity’s past actually go? We are much older than we have been told. Has this information been suppressed?

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33 Comments on “200,000 Year Old Timeline of Civilization – Paul Wallis / Matt LaCroix Interview July 2020”

  1. The 10,000 to 200,000 yrs period the only thing I can think of is the 🌎 was in the healing process. Thanks so much. Remain blessed.

  2. I disagree completely with the notion that humans are not physically fit to thrive in the wild. Yes, us moderns are supremely unfit for such conditions but we are completely domesticated animals. We are, for epigenetic reasons, physically fallen creatures. We are fundamentally still natural hunter gatherers who, when allowed to express itself fully and properly, have the genetic material to exist harmoniously and gracefully whilst fully embedded in the natural world. Slightness of frame, craniofacial dystrophy, postural deficiency and susceptibility to virtually all disease are epigentic manifestations of our divorce from out natural environments and modes of being. The evidence for the sudden rise of horrendous infectious disease, shrinkage of body and brain size and the appearance of crooked teeth, tooth decay and broken faces beginning with the Neolithic and the advent of agrarian culture is made quite clear in the fossil record. This is accompanied by a very rapid rise in the rates of death by violent means. There is also plenty of anthropological evidence from the last couple of centuries to suggest that extant or only recently extinct hunter gatherer peoples enjoyed perfectly functional existences.

  3. Young man you think the same as me ,old jimmy west australia ,I find our origins and our past fascinating I love loyd Pyes videos too he’s smart

  4. gobekli tepe is the dna labs of creation its not fucken temple not every site is a temple . that what main stream brainwashed teaches

  5. truly an amazing talk on our human history. both parts 1 and 2 of this video. what i found most amazing though is the fact that we have been faced with "the rockefeller presentation" of our history for many years now. combine this with what we are now truly finding out and the fact that documented information exists of that there is also a library on the human history below the sphinx wich we are not allowed to enter is mind boggling in the way that are we truly being duped and lead to believe what "they" want us to believe for what reason?

  6. historian are becoming LAZY and does not want to rewrite HISTORY….LOL…. that is why they do not want to accept anymore changes….. I BELIEVE WHAT I BELIEVE AND THAT IS WHAT REALLY MATTERS TO ME…. WHAT EVER HISTORY OR SCIENTIST SAYS IS NOT OF GREAT IMPORTANCE TO ME NOT UNLESS I AM DIRECTLY AFFECTED WITH IT!!!!

  7. I cringed a few times when Matthew spoke of precession. It's not about the equator of Earth. It's the wobble of the Earth at the poles. The tilt of the Earth's axis, which causes the polar position in the sky to change, with a revolution of the Earths axis around the true 'celestial pole' taking the same length of time, it takes 2,160 years for the background stars ( behind the Sun ) to move into the next constellation, 25,920 years to complete a cycle, 72 years for 1 degree of movement around the great circle of 360 degrees.

  8. HOLY SHIT!! I have Stacks if Notes from years of research where I came to almost Exactly the Same conclusions as this man… It is like listening to myself explain my theory to myself!!

    I call it the Russian Doll theory. It basically takes a multidisciplinary approach that if one begins to put them together, explain and legitimizes theories of Man, civilization, cosmology, Intrastellar and interstellar space travel, consciousness, the genetic manipulation of the human race by an otherworldly race of beings…also zero point energy, evolution of Man to the its celestial form and transcending death and flesh, electro gravitic propulsion, Gnosticism, Oriental Mytisicism and Hermetics, Hollow Earth and Electric Universe theory, field theory, ether theory, multiverse and multi dimension theory It actually ALL TIES TOGETHER!! 0ne just has to lay them out in proper order and step far enough back to see the big big picture and how it all fits together… LIKE RUSSIAN DOLLS!

    The Answers are in the Megalithic structures and the mystery school teachings.
    They built in Stone because they NEW we would eventually get to a point where we needed answers, and Stone Megalithic structures are the ONLY THING that would last long enough.

  9. Gobeckli Teppe was Buried to preserve it… SO WAS THE BOSNIAN PYRAMID COMPLEX!!
    Yet NOBODY is willing to excavate the Bosnian Pyramid.
    NOBODY is willing to explore the Pyramid complex 100 ft below the ocean on the floor of the Gulf of Mexico , of the NW coast of Cuba.

    Why is it that NOBODY talks about the Splices at the 2nd chromasome in our DNA? As well as others recently discovered.
    Why is our DNA create a mathematical binary code that can be studied and shows Actual coded language?

    Why does NOBODY talk about the Crop circles that get more complex year after year and have ALSO been shown to contain an ASCII Coded language that creates clear coded messages? Communication!?! Not to mention are starting to replicate Perpetual Motion machines, propulsion devices, etc??

  10. Have you ever looked into Rudolph Sreiner’s archive? It parallels what your both saying from the first sun and planets and humanity ♥️ thank you ♥️

  11. Thank you. I really think a dig in Iraq would be awesome. However….probably not going to happen. I think we need to dig a little deeper. Civilizations build upon the old one. Thats how Troy was found. It exists . Just needed ti dig a little deeper.

  12. I watched this on my tv but came here using my cell phone to comment. What I want to say is I feel really happy knowing there are people out there besides myself who truly believe the real story of how we came to be. I am one of those of tries to bring up these types of conversations but everyone around me rolls their eyes and think I’m on drugs and I’m delusional. It’s hard when the world faces one direction and is so brainwashed by our recent history and the religions that were forced upon us. To many people in one god when the reality screams a whole other story, the TRUTH! Don’t stop please! I find comfort watching your videos.

  13. And what, exactly, is your evidence that it was a "Temple"?? All I see are pillars, with superb carvings on of animals. And the date of the organic matter doesn't tell us anything much. It only says when the stuff got there. It tells us nothing about the Pillars. And we have no idea what GT was put there for. It might have been nothing but an astronomical alignment. It might not even have been that. WE just dont know. Dont make assumptions.

  14. When I was a child , almost 70 years ago, it came to my mind the same thoughts as Matt La Croix , but at that time I was considered mad,or evil because nobody around me thought same way..no information at all, no tv ..no teachers…. So I began to read and study in libraries about all religions, archeology, etc…and came to the fact that those gods(until to day) made us( mixed us) as puppets and we are much more ancient that was told and in a global civilazation and high probably we came from space.I am so glad that finally people can easily study and demostrate these facts…Scholars of the oficial information must have to change very soon. But my real question now is How and Where this information come from? How is it possible that little children , for instance, can have it without any possible knowledge around? Well, great vid anyway.The 5th kind Thanks a lot

  15. 4:30 Yes! It's obvious there are multiple stories of multiple people on this and all the other rocks floating around us.

  16. My gut tells me the story goes back millions of years. I could be wrong. But I'm probably not.

  17. Darwin as a concept needs to be thrown out. Evolution is a short term thing that only happens if the world is destroyed to the point life is almost wiped out. Life will evolve to adapt to that new environment and then stop changing.

  18. It's funny science wants to use the fact that people lived very long times as evidence a story isn't true. Then they get to studying DNA and discover the only reason we get old and die is because it's programmed into our DNA. By accident though. Never mind that never would an organism decide to kill itself.

  19. It seems obvious they covered up go Gobekli Tepi because they knew the flood was coming

  20. It seems your guest is unaware (inexplicably) that back in 2017, fossils identified as homo sapien were unearthed in Jebel Irhoud, Morocco that date to 300,000 years ago. The find was reported in Nature. Matt is off by 100,000 years-at least. It's annoying that he keeps repeating the incorrect 200,000 year date and frankly, does not speak well of his knowledge of anthropology.

  21. Man is 250,000 years old,,, aliens are billions of years old the Earth has been around for a few million,,,

  22. They create your species but we came whit them like have a million off your years . im E. We are from Sirius system like your species call but they . we do not now they came to hardness the power off gold and we learn to used too them they take few off us and here we are . we live in peace and you have only 7 years im sorry you have your time on the surface and your species didn't evolve like suppose . we can aloud species like your to evolve on planetary scale. You're too aggressive but we preserve some to. The purpose off change your aggressive in others more productive way

  23. Adamu – First hybrid creation.
    Adapa – The first human in the biblical account – Earth woman, Annunaki Enki father – the Adam.

  24. It is stated in The Lost Book of Enki that Adapu lived 15 1/2 Shars.
    That's a long, long time.

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