2011 IUFOC 2010 UFO News Year in Review

UFO Year in Review 2010

Why are we writing a story about the year in review when it is already the first week of March? Well, that is because we just wrapped up the 2011 International UFO Congress (IUFOC), and to start things off we reviewed the past year’s UFO news stories beginning from last February, the date of the last IUFOC.

A lot has happened in the last year. We couldn’t include everything, because we were trying to keep the video to less than 15 minutes, but we packed in a lot. It is another demonstration of how active this field is on a regular basis.

Note: One book that is not in the video which I have written about quite a bit, and thoroughly enjoyed is A.D.: After Disclosure. In the frenzy to get everything ready for the conference somehow I left it out. However, there are other books I left out also. If you feel there is a story or book that I left out that you think needs attention, feel free to comment below so others can be aware.

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14 Comments on “2011 IUFOC 2010 UFO News Year in Review”

  1. Yeah Alex, Richard Dolan"s book is awesome. He is a beast. Talk about a person who hits you with facts! Mr. Dolan is just awesome.

  2. Was this narrated by the guy who does the Blendtec Blender (will it blend?) series here on youtube?

  3. A great review – thank you!

    May I also add the release of the documentary on the 1966 Westall Flying Saucer Incident in Melbourne, called "Westall '66: a Suburban UFO Mystery". It documents Australia's largest mass-witness sighting over – and landing next to – two schools in Melbourne on 6 April 1966.

  4. This is the bottom line as I see it, the US will never disclose any ET presence for 2 reasons, and the reasons are actually quite easy to formulate. The 1st is that all religion, as we as human beings know, will be irrelevant if not obsolete all together. Secondly, the monetary structure will no longer hold any value what so ever because of free and renewable resources aka The Venus Project. I chose these 2 specific reason because both hinder and segregate mankind…

  5. Further more, I don't think E.T's need the Earths governments to make their presence known, true it would have made the whole process less of a hysteria and would probably prevent a lot of radical fundamentalist groups from acting out.

  6. Yes I do believe UFO'S are from out there And I also believe some of what people are seeing in the sky are from us.

  7. @ 0:33, shows 'Sir Winston Churchill' a great statesman, who created the ufo cover up, & also ordered the fire bombing of Dresden, Germany & many other cities,
    killing millions of humans & animals. No wonder, the 'good e.t.' disagree with'em!!!!

  8. Most war crimes are classified, due to the publics reaction. So classifying ufo, is really nothing at all, especially since they've being here as long, as we have!! Just Google; ' the ages of uras ' sometime. as even the ancient Sumer's knew them….

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