20 Comments on “2012 UFO news coverage MASS SIGHTINGS WORLDWIDE what is going on!”

  1. I was beginning to think the eye wouldn't show up at all in this video and of course i was wrong.

  2. The gvmnt is in disclosure mode right now. Aliens and ufos are on a bunch of channels. Their getting us ready for sumthin big. I can guarantee it

  3. Gary Bate, Chuck Missler, Steve Quayle, Rob Skiba – Christians who have done the research … hang on … Jacques Valee, Hynek, Streiber, Steiger – Not Christians, also done research and decades of it – – – Guess What – – – They all agree with the conclusion about UFOs and Aliens …
    One thing – the "aliens" who speak through 'channelers' lie consistently, teach new age occult, do terrifying things to humans – but wait – they have evolved to be more intelligent? We are in a cosmic battle …

  4. i remember seeing that on the news and watching it for a while…the first UFO sighting that shut down the chinese airport…totally weird

  5. And there will be fearful sights and signs from the heavens- LUKE 21:11,  Aliens and Ufos are nothing more then a demonic deception to lure you away from God into new age occultism such as channeling and other new age stuff. These demons have told people that they human are gods and that hell does not exist. Do not be deceived, they ARE demons and are not all to be trusted.

  6. aliens are spiritual beings. aka demonic beings. the government wants us to believe we have visitors that are also physical like we are. but that's false. read the Bible to know the truth. Even the government knows what they are..

  7. While I am a believer, your haunting music on the video just makes it look like another conspiracy. Do yourself a favor and lose the music and let the world know what the truth is.

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