2020 Ancient Aliens Erich von Däniken & Paul Wallis – Sept 16 "War Of The Gods"

The Legendary Erich von Däniken joins Paul Wallis on the 5th kind!
Live interview on the 16th September 2020 – Erich von Däniken & Paul Wallis Discuss Ancient Aliens, throughout history and within textual works such as the Book of Enoch. A book that was literally buried because of its controversial writings within. The latest developments with UFO Sightings, Anomalous Translations, Ancient Inscriptions and much more in this exclusive interview.

Check out Erich’s Official Website http://www.daniken.com/ His New Book War of the Gods: Amazon USA Link https://amzn.to/35QpMAd UK https://amzn.to/3hM4ciP – Watch The Series “Beyond The Legend” at https://www.gaia.com/5thkind

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39 Comments on “2020 Ancient Aliens Erich von Däniken & Paul Wallis – Sept 16 "War Of The Gods"”

  1. What makes the powers that be think we humans would panic if we visits for other worlds?

  2. Erich's been debunked so many times. Everything's been done by Ancient Aliens. Who can believe anything he says?

  3. This exchange of ideas between these two intelligent, well known people makes a lot of sense to me. They were one by one putting together the missing gaps, giving me some answers specially in my religious point of view that was leave behind by our ancient ancestors. Totally, when i read the bible i only raises questions after questions and consequently knowing worldwide discoveries that some will only leave me hard questions relating to the bible content. One typical example of which is the "Great Pyramid of Egypt". Cant find story lines concerning about this great structures in the Bible. My appreciation and thankful to Legendary, sir Erich Von Daniken and sir Paul Wallis, but please allow me to leave you both my personal question that as of now i'm looking answers to what i've experienced. This is a personal experience about a shadow with red flaming eyes entity or shall i say spiritual, supernatural entity that only me had seen, felt, experienced its presence with rumbling thunder only me had heard it when they appear in front of me while im just about to take a nap. Do you personally both believed in spirituality, by the way?

  4. Wow I never imagined Eric a believer in God but that is one more thing that we have in common. At 12 I saw a UFO so I knew immediately since it was in the daytime right in my face that something to the UFO thing but I've always known that there was God but for a point I caught myself for thinking that all the similar stories negated any validity however I always felt bad for it and with my intuition I've always been Guided by God even when in doubt. I've independently acquired practices that essentially at the same of my great-grandmother was a Cherokee Indian

  5. Wow paleo-CETI. Not with all the resources tape on the regular CETI. If a 12 year old can see a ufo just walking home in the daytime. Before DSL, with only dial-up internet. So closely. Just silently hovering for 10+ minutes.. 20 years ago. & CETI still has nothing? Bs

  6. Thank you to this channel and also to Erich Von Daniken as well for the wonderful information. I really enjoy watching these. Please keep them coming ☺

  7. I would like to thank you for this interview … Muchas Gracias!!!! … Saludos desde PERU!!!

  8. That has gotta be one of my favorite episodes right there. The both of you are amazing individuals. Can't get enough of the 5th kind. Best channel on YouTube in my opinion. Applause to Mr. Erich Von Däniken and Mr. Paul Wallis. 👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽✊🏽🤙🏽✌🏾

  9. its time for people to know the truth. as a race we are ready and if it offends some religious people…. the important thing is the truth of our beginnings, creation, and where we fit in this universe. If it is a simulation ? or whatever. No point in believing lies. Its the Truth we need. And if its time to take our place in an interstellar universe. Heck i would love to meet them and fly a ufo. look out Roswell… if i am in control of a ufo it might be roswell all over again lol

  10. The lean front wailly branch because violin beverly unlock amongst a shaky software. loose, shaky ronald

  11. Like Erich von Däniken in the past & present , Paul Wallis has become a new & very welcomed face of these subjects. I find him a very charismatic & an author who does all the research necessary to talk on these amazing subjects. My thanks to both of you ^ ^

  12. What is the your opinion about devil and Ghost and human spirit if have any video link give me thank you

  13. Pardon me me I know who they are like he's the resident expert in Gods Van D. you need to repent and learn scripture. There are three heavens our atmosphere next the universe we call space next where Jehova walks in His temple. I can't stand secular people giving interpretations of the bible. Heavens closed as is understanding for have the love of this world. He gets Ezekiel chapter one all screwed up.

  14. Trying to find truth ruins careers?!..we are limiting humanity and its ability to survive

  15. Hello… I think that we are more capable of learning the truth than we are given credit for… Through the years, we have been given snippets of intelligence that we have
    probably taken with a grain of salt…But truly, people are listening to what's going on around us.. I have been aware of
    more of the goings on in
    our world… I am 70 as of
    5/12/51…Even as a child,
    I would look at the sky and ask why am I here??
    A lot of the time, I know
    things that come to me…
    It does open my eyes more… I have seen 2 UFO's in my past… One as a child and the other as a young woman. . I'm not foolish enough to stick my head in the sand ..
    I want to thank you for opening up the sky and
    enlightening me through
    the research that you have done…. I am envious
    that you have a library of
    information… Please keep
    up the info that you give we people who are paying
    attention…Some of us are
    listening and want to know more… I look at everything you researchers put out there… My family thinks I am crazy but that's okay
    because someone in my family should know what's really going on…

  16. It's back to that old riddle… What came first ;
    the chicken or the egg??
    I believe that we have a Creator for all.. I pray to the Creator…

  17. Paul

    Thanks for this wonderful interview with Erich vin Daniken. My cousin & I read "Chariot of the Gods" a bunch of times. It sparked our imagination.

    Keep doing the good work!!!

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