2021 UFO News & Disclosure with Richard Dolan – COAST TO COAST AM 2021

COAST TO COAST AM – May 26, 2021. A leading historian of the UFO phenomenon, Richard Dolan is the author of two volumes of history, UFOs and the National Security State, as well as an analysis of the future, shared the latest news on UFOs and disclosure. Recently, he hosted an online event, “UFO Secrecy in a Changing World,” in which he interviewed at length Lue Elizondo, who ran the former secret Pentagon program studying UFOs. Elizondo is “walking a very fine line” on what he can reveal to the public, Dolan noted, suggesting that he may be withholding specifics about UFO crash retrievals because these details remain classified. Around the world, people continue to report low-flying clandestine craft, typically saucer or triangular-shaped, and the use of night vision equipment can often enhance what you can observe in the skies, he said.

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37 Comments on “2021 UFO News & Disclosure with Richard Dolan – COAST TO COAST AM 2021”

  1. If our government or the MSM call it a conspiracy theory then it is likely true or so history has shown us . Dolan sounds jealous that he is being left in the dust .

  2. If Dolan wants to corroborate any of this he could ask somebody who was in the ATIP program or somebody in the intelligence community ….oh wait ! That’s the both of them .

  3. Sorry, but anyone who has experienced first-hand, up-close UFOs for a significant time KNOWS without doubt, with absolute certainty, that they are NOT from this world. You can twist it and spin it anyway you want – these are NOT from earth.

  4. The government DOES know who they are, but they WILL NOT disclose the truth. It's all secret stuff and they protect it like the family jewels.

  5. I would like to listen to a expert on this subject who has had experience with these beings these so called experts are just making money from this lets get abductees tellin their stories sick of listening to shills

  6. I think when it comes to disclosure. We will not get it from the government. What will more than likely happen is the government will end up selling off big projects off to private parties such as Lockheed and guys like Jeff Bezos that got all the money…. People like the Rockerfellers with that kind of money will purchase this from the government and that will be the governments way of taking the back door on this disclosure leaving it up to these private investors to do on their own.
    I am saying this only because the government to me doesn’t want to take responsibility for the many years it has lied to the people.
    But I would personally like to know if this was kept from the citizens by our earlier presidents. Back than are presidents had the power it was there show. Over the years we have had outsider like black governments from other countries control or even our presidents. The ones who decide who our presidents will be are the ones that are keeping this disclosure from happening. Because if they weren’t the person who is president won’t give to shits about someone from the outside demands of him.
    JFK I believe underestimated the power them outsiders had and went ahead trying to disclose the alien agenda and also he challenged the federal reserve. Than he was killed.
    I also believe what played a part in Bill Clinton’s situation with Monica Lewinsky was dug into by the Republicans and brought to the public because of Clinton’s curiosity of alien activity.

    I believe also that the threat of disclosure by Hillary Clinton was the reason she didn’t win the election. Had she won the election she had allies up high in different parts of government like in the military like high ranking generals both active and retired. She had contacts with top ranking political figures also. Thai lady in my opinion if their were ever to be a women president she would be the most qualified because of the many years of service to the country and the positions she has held from Secretary of State, also with homeland and experience with foreign policy. She was the women that had the balls that could handle a situation that you wouldn’t think a woman could handle.
    That is the real reason Russia helped trump win. VLADIMIR PUTIN helped trump because he was afraid of Clinton. And I am not saying Bill. He was afraid of Hillary Clinton.
    I believe that Hillary Clinton if she were to take america to a war… it wouldn’t really be a war. She would send some kind of squad to go in to Russia and do what Obama did, when he sent seal team six in Pakistan to eliminate Bin Laden.

    I don’t know much about Ghadafi but I heard Hillary played some part in what happened to him.

    This is real deep shit. They went with trump over Clinton because trump was easier to control and they also knew he was stupid. I don’t think they gave him much on that subject because they knew he was a big mouth.

  7. if lou and co some straight out and say we have craft, we have bodies etc. people really might doubt the validity. by pressing firmly the pentagon already has had to come out and confirm things, ie the released videos. its been a well thought out progression to get everybody talking about the subject and to force the government to address its issues of secrecy and deniability. the outcome of acknowledgment and hopefully understanding can only lead to a huge technological and societal advancement… just a thought

  8. Neil Dumbass Tyson continues to say that it was a radar glitch concerning the tic tac incidents.

  9. Hopefully UFOs aren't the world's biggest hoax. It would be the perfect way to usher in the New World Order. If these things are real, humanity deserves to know it.

  10. Given all of the historical reports of UFOs going back to the 40's and prior, what are the chances that it's the Chinese vs some non-terrestrial intelligences?

  11. In a free society , it is very troubling how far we have allowed our government , with coercion from the Globalist oligarchs to keep facts from the owners of our once-proud nation. The criminal Globalists now censor us in the name of "Hate Speech".
    Every following generation is dumbed-down 1 or 2 degrees. Until , +maybe 100 years out , the People no longer process the tools to participate in the decision making process.

  12. WE defend the comet inbound to impact or …this is the attack plan … we will take causalities …all crew now is the time to decide …. we fight or retreat to the next star … all Captain's orders .. we hold the line crew …

  13. Government people are tools. Anything they say is sanitized and suspect. Listen to the people who are having experiences. They know!

  14. Beam me up Scotty ☺️I would quite gladly go where no man has gone before if I encounter an alien 👽 being as we are destroying our beautiful planet and having our rights taken away with all the BS.bring it on

  15. So, Elizondo and Melon can go to prison if they say too much, however what they have said already has gotten people killed in the past. So who determined what level of disclosure was allowed to be released? Dolan making that statement proves that Elizondo and Melon have a government agenda they are part of, otherwise they would be 6 feet under for what they have already disclosed. So they are allowed to give out info about the crafts but not allowed to tell who’s driving them? I call B.S.

  16. Richard is recognising the always present limitations to take it further or all the way. The officials that can are ALL hobbled by design. however…

  17. What is considered disclosure ? Do You need to have a cow tongue lick you across your face to understand that there is a worldwide phenomenon that has existed for thousands of years? There is a difference between being book learned and being able to deciarn reality as it presents itself. The fields of religion and physics and science are in there infinite stages. The laws of physics as we know them are thoroughly misunderstood because we do not have a starting point to understand the laws that govern nature as we know it. It will come eventually with or without outside intervention.

  18. A high powered laser shot into outer space will be controlled by the the gravitational pull of the planetery system near by which will affect time and space as will know it.this could also create a worm hole in the fabric of time and space as we know it. It is not totally understood yet.

  19. Maybe we can learn about alien knowledge for human existence. Homosapiens DNA for health reasons. Fighting disease and environmental services.

  20. Can someone help me find the interview with Richard and Lue Elizondo?

  21. I love what he said about how they are ignoring the history of ufos and acting like its a modern phenomenon because I have studied the history of them and that would be my first question to a board of inquiry if I ever had a chance

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