30 Comments on “20km Pyramid Leaving 650km Trail Under Ocean Near Japan, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. There are other mining operations going on in the Pacific like that one. Over a decade ago I saw one going on down west of Chili I think it was? It was round though.

  2. You know scott I'm thinking that it just may be one of those massive base station pyramid shaped UFO's. Although i cant reason why it would scrape the bottom of the ocean floor to leave a over 400 mile travel path it seems, instead of floating submarine style to move friction free to where its guided to go, unless its scooping up floor mtr'ls of some kind, aka a possible mining op going on with it perhaps???.

  3. Nice find!! Really, really weird. It looks almost like something underneath the surface that is pushing upwards.

  4. Earth is such a beautiful planet. Someone wondered why the 'aliens' come here and for what reason… I would come here for beauty. For experiencing streaming waters, fires sending smoke like veils between the trees, for the animals and for the oceans that within each drop keeps the whole cosmos inside its surface tension, its little crystalglobe, mirroring it all. So much life. Everywhere🌼Maria

  5. It looks like one of many that have not moved, invasion, or colonization. This stuff is great with pot, especially when I follow one of your clips with a Carl Sagan vid. Glad to see you're always discovering and sharing Scott, much love for your work, as nd much appreciation. Stay well.

  6. It didn't move. The lines look like they were made by people, just like the Nazca Lines in Peru. Great find of an old civilization.

  7. I don't know how to DM on Twitter. I was going to send you those pictures on Twitter about my experience. I tagged you in them but seems you never got back to me. Let me know a better way to DM you. Thank you love your videos

  8. Thank you Scot. Can you tell us if those other two objects that northwest of this pyramid, are pyramids too? They look like a similar shape.

  9. It's a USO mothership beings inside manipulate the japanese people, in order to compete which have more control of the world population there are other beings near major cities and continents like that one that take shape as a pyramid just in case people spot it people will assume it's a natural phenomenon.

  10. Author, just one question. What are you smoking and where you buying that stuff?

  11. The trail was there when the pyramid was built. The pyramid dates back before the great flood and when land was where the ocean is. After the flood everything got covered up and formed our oceans. We never had oceans before the great flood it was all land. We only had seas

  12. what about commenting on the other pyramids to the upper left of that pyramid, they look the same size and shape

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