5 Recent UFO SIGHTINGS you NEED To See – UFO News

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5 Recent UFO Sightings – UFO News

Even with our modern science and technology, we don’t seem to be any closer to finding out whether UFOs are real or not. The next five cases compile some of the latest UFO reports we’ve heard over the last few months. These are 5 Recent UFO Sightings.

5. Flying “Humanoids”
4. Cleveland and Detroit UFOs
3. Simon Church
2. UFO in Antarctica
1. Mysterious Mesa Lights


41 Comments on “5 Recent UFO SIGHTINGS you NEED To See – UFO News”

  1. Might just be me but dont the orange orbs in the videos resemble star constellations the plough (i think) in the first and orion in the second one.

  2. I live in detroit. These are just chinese lanterns. We see them multiple times a week. When they let off a whole bunch of em at once they do look like that if the wind ain't all bad. Its not a pattern, jus "13" of em let off at once….

  3. Actually scientists have flown aircraft up into stratosphere and deployed astrolite(a gel like substance that scientists have used to catch partials fro. Flying spacecraft through the tails of comets)!
    These experiments with astrolite have collected bacteria, viruses & other biological materials in the stratosphere plus after examination these biological samples do not seem to be any know organism from earth! Scientists have also exposed bacteria, virus ,molds, fungus…. to the vacuum, temperatures & cosmetic rays of outer space and have found that foe many of these organisms that they can survive these conditions in outerspace which also boasts the idea of pamspremia (life traveling through space and being deposited on earth by metors & comets or possibly free floating partics!!!
    So to say Covid may be from outer space isn't that far fetched as it may seem!!! The human DNA has what scientists say is 90% trash but after looking into this it turns out that most of this "trash" is actually DNA from past exposure to bacteria & virus that our ancestors had received possibly up to 200,000 years ago and its been building ever since to now be represented in our DNA as a species!!!

  4. I saw the bright orange globes depicted in #2 over Davidson North Carolina around April or May of 2020. I asked everyone in my neighborhood if they had seen them too. Unfortunately I was the only one. I tried to film it with my phone but was standing too close to a street light and it interfered with filming. Damn streetlight.

  5. Hardly anyone ever mentions the German woodcarvings of the "alien war" in the 14 or 1500s…multible accounts of the battle. Look it up. Its really interesting.

  6. The Chinese lanterns type. Those things…. Ok so this happened in fox lake, illinois I believe in 2013. Same exact scenario. I counted over 100. Some kept goin the same way. Some would stop, go back. And get behind another. They all followed the same exact paths. In mostly 3-5. Also there has to be 911 or police records on it. I called, there was a MAJOR amount of people freaking out a bit. I’m not to positive on the date. But yeah, those aren’t new. Corona has nothing to do with it.

  7. Holly crap i seen the lights in the sky looks the same and also disappeared one by one happened at 4:45pm first thought was take a vid or pic but thought by the time i get my phone they be gone but tried any way got my phone and they were still there but i phone 6 apparently isn’t good enough to capture it nothing bad happened but was a amazing sight to see floating lower than a plane but no noise was generated from the orbs and they were close enough that if it was a plane you would of seen and heard the plane the sight happened 4 months ago

  8. I've been Subscribed to this channel for about a year now, and I enjoy it immensely, you Sir, have a perfect voice for this and it's one of the reasons why I enjoy it so much.
    Thank you for a great channel and Happy Holidays!!! 👍🇺🇸

  9. 2020, all the evidence, and i hear we are no closer to knowing if theyre real or not? Either youre not looking, listening, or ignoring what you are being told. The question is WHYYYY are they here

  10. Not a huge Scott Waring guy he sometimes does more harm than good, but how is that paradoleia? Its clearly nothing related to humans seeing faces or anything we evolved to see or avoid. Thats not 100% proof but it looks to me like it needs further investigating. And Im sure they already are at it.

  11. It would be funny if that last set of UFOs turned out to be Gary "Baba Booey" Dell A'bate's chopper teeth.

  12. Hey u never know there are still animals people don’t know about so a ufo or uap might be real it’s possible

  13. What if they are only aloud to use a certain amount of technology so we don’t gain to much information like just enough to remain at the edge of discovering anything that would gives us to much of a leap in human evolutionary time and each year we advance they take it up another notch to remain untouchable but still not exposing their total technological dominance and immense scientific power

  14. Most people think it’s us from the future but what if they were here first from our Ancient past traveled and came back in the future for us to be here now or if they have never left and have always been here

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