13 Comments on “5KM Black Base On Saturn Moon Iapetus, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. Thank You. A little late with my petit donation, just a sec. (Or opposite, Yin and Yang, ha ha made me smile!!!). Starting to feel like an ETdatabasemascot or something, around all the time.
    (Yes, travelling a lot. From rosebuds to the stars and back) . Lucky Your students and Your children having You. Thank You for all this. Take care🌼Maria

  2. My first thought was a crater, but even as a crater the shadows are wrong..like there's something IN the crater.

  3. That's an excellent one Scott man that's a big ship holy cow and I know there's bigger ones come thanks God that's awesome

  4. These are constructed by combining many photos, and perhaps, they had no clear photo(s) of that area. There is always a more logical reason then you UFOtards jump to. If they wanted to hide something they would simply have one of their graphic artists create a graphic to place over it, much like we do in the movies to make you think that one house is next door to the other, when the two houses are really in different towns and not side by side.

  5. Hello…I have seen something on a lunar overflight Video that starts at about 07.05 min and then can be seen in a crater on the upper right side that moves to the lower right until about 07.55. It looks like a big gate. One sees immediately that it is not of natural origin. Here the video : https://youtu.be/UOcroR50808?t=423


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