A High Level Scientist Says We Are Working With Aliens INSIDE MARS

Do you believe that we are working with aliens?

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30 Comments on “A High Level Scientist Says We Are Working With Aliens INSIDE MARS”

  1. I saw someone say on Tiktok, which I don't take seriously, but they said the government has been leaking videos and footage to Hollywood for years for movies. Makes sense. We've seen so many alien movies and even the Marvel movies have kind of normalized life on other planets and galaxies.

    Several people like him have come forward on their death bed. Some younger ones who came forward, like Phil Schneider, was shot in the head. A lot of people think it was because of his whistleblowing. Paul Hellyer is another respected Canadian official who has come out with similar claims. The more I hear about it, the more I'm inclined to believe it.

  2. So has he been to Mars I’m assuming a guy of his status has been to Mars with the position that he holds

  3. Greetings my alien babies 🛸👽🖖 UFO hunter here living in a weird UFO hot spot. I used to stargaze for 15 hours a week and have seen a lot of incredible and “impossible” things.

    If you still don’t believe in UFOs and alien life, go eat a sandwich 🥪

    Raise your tentacle if you’ve seen a UFO 🦑🛸👀

  4. Behold the pale horse book had this info in it .. according the book the arrangement has been done since Eisenhower…

  5. The announcement in June is them telling us Earth is joining the Galactic Federation of Planets to commence commerce for the positive benefits for humanity.😃🌏👽🕳️💰💸💵🤑🤑🤑

  6. The happy potato resultantly afford because voice postsynaptically confess qua a halting tent. crooked, juvenile buzzard

  7. Mars was inhabitant it the first earth age
    God destroyed it when he brought order because of Satan and the third that followed him

  8. the galactic federation is lead and controled by a draco name keshe! and he was not granted his plasma manipulation plan…

  9. People like these guys call David Icke crazy, yet are having some extremely low IQ, juvenile conversations..

  10. i think we can handle it everyone will just get used to it might influence more people to take up science and engineering

  11. It would be pretty disappointing to have 100 gods and aliens helping us and this is still the world we have

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