A huge "UFO" interacted with the Sun to avoid a powerful "Solar Storm" directed to Earth!

A huge “extraterrestrial object” interacted with the Sun to avoid a powerful “Solar Storm” (or Solar Flare) directed to Earth! NASA as they watched the scene unfolding in front of the Sun, thanks to images received from space probes SOHO made the decision to close the six solar observatories around the world, so that no one witnessed what was happening.

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34 Comments on “A huge "UFO" interacted with the Sun to avoid a powerful "Solar Storm" directed to Earth!”

  1. Why are we in a grand solar minimum? Is this part of the plan or actually a setback and they are scrambling now for plan B? (If they even have one)

  2. With ships that massive ud think its gravitational feild wud really mess with orbits. This lady is got ppl beleiveing.its funny

  3. Question ?? How can u tell when a person's mind has stop growing???? They have a swelled head ..that is NASA and company..they are no better than any one else on this planet…matter of fact :: they are so far away from reality ,u could call them inbred . Saying respectfully

  4. Wasn't a Chinese spy or spies arrested at the observatory during this incident. Maybe they knew something before we did?

  5. I and my Husband went to a lecture and the topic about this matter in this video all this restriction will be dissolve all the greedy money making will be no longer exist, all negative will be no longer around.we really going to paradise future the planet is going to do it, she is alive and she no longer need all the bad energy who hurt her and us! that what the topic at the lecture we have attended is about energy frequency Scalar light healing the planet and all of us!.

  6. The maker of this video does not have a clue of what is happening. Making up whatever narrative they want. Who knows this could be a hoax. The entire picture could be photo shopped.This lady is the only one who reported on this unknown photo.The narrative putting this and that blah blah blah blah…
    Keepn it Real 😎
    truth movement ❤️

  7. Thank you UFOmania for keeping us inform of what is happening in our sky. This object near the sun ☀️ that was recorded by Gina Maria Colvin Hill is fantastic and perhaps as you mention that this UFO near the sun might have saved us from a deadly solar flare that would have wiped us all and it could have been the end for our Earth 🌍 as we know it.
    Yeap! I believe in Alien, they have left their footprint all over the planet and like people; there’s good aliens👽 and bad one! They have been here for time immemorial and everyone knows that our corrupt government have been concealing the truth about their existence! Fortunately we’re awakening in Mass and the Truth will prevail! Power, Knowledge, Clarity and Freedom to the people of the Earth and we Love ❤️ the good Alien that are genuine and want only good for humanity. 🙏 Namaste!

  8. Gina saw this the first round and it was deleted. Times up chariots of fire are ready and waiting Ezekiel wheel. Get ready to join the que of Enoch.

  9. Thank You BLUE ORBS, met them in fall of 2002, asked them to help us after forseeing a number of BAD EVENTS like 91the BLUE ORBS are HIGHEST ANGEL Group Under GOD's Domain and consists of special services that cover every and All things known inside GOD'S Giant Mind. They started showing up 06 APRIL 2019 over SWEDEN, 1,000's of them. That Saturday was told they WOULD ARRIVE BY TUESDAY, which they did in the back fields and forest lands. We watched a GREY Helicopter with what looked like Defense Intel. Agency Logo, fly over but moved over to the west of sightings as if caution was being taken NOT to fly over directly…..They Not Real HAPPY OVER My Being shot in back of HEAD with DEW Rifle or the Earliar Attack that caused me Heart Attack, but was saved by the POSITIVE GODS ANGELS in blocking. Criminals, Thieves , murders, are NOT What Good People do to others……so hope you CLEAN-UP This garbage faster? BUT most of Our Lives Have Been Ruined by one stinking group that later used Torture Weapons on me from their Southern ISRAEL command & Control Center (????)

  10. As far as I'm concerned, not at all frightening..on the contrary..I thank them for helping us and I'm waiting for them impatiently..It's the media who want us to perceive them as enemies..as always, the method of submission through fear..it's EUX, the leaders who are afraid and still want war, they welcome them with missiles Why? Because they are afraid of losing their hegemony!

  11. en ce qui me concerne, pas du tout effrayant..au contraire..je leur dis merci de nous aider et je les attends avec impatience..Ce sont les médias qui veulent nous les faire percevoir en ennemis..comme toujours, la méthode de soumission par la peur..ce sont EUX, les dirigeants qui ont peur et veulent toujours la guerre, ils les accueillent avec des missiles Pourquoi ? Par PEUR de perdre leur hégémonie !

  12. Garbage. First of all that picture – the object if that big would collapse under it's own gravity, people have no idea of size. Secondly, the narrator is a computer, and these youtube videos are using A.I. computers to read text and try to sound like humans, so eventually we won't be able to tell what is real and just made up garbage. Oh wait, we're there. This is made up garbage. This is worse than kid stuff, please read some real science, watch the 70's version of Cosmos with Carl Sagan, awesome stuff that most people are not taught in school. Be well.

  13. I was told the solar storms result in our expanded dna and consciousness, so no extraterrestrials should be blocking these

  14. I remember the observatories being closed down. This was one of the ideas I had about it Someone is looking after us!

  15. farce if locals were un aware of the inhbitants above atmosphere the idiots shutting the observatories made a total arse trying to massage their big egos causing inconvienence to decent folks

  16. thank you to the ETs! They're watching over us..

    I wish I had intergalactic news to give us a wider scope of the happenings..there is so many other more important things happening besides Covid

  17. Act2:19 And I will show wonders(FLEETs) in the heaven above(SPACE), And signs on the earth beneath(CROP CIRCLES); Luk21:11 and there shall be terrors and great signs(UFOs) from heaven(SKY).Mat24:24 and shall show great SIGNS and WONDERS;Dan6:27 and he worketh SIGNS and WONDERS in heaven and in earth,

    Luk21:25 And there shall be signs(UFOs) in sun and moon and stars Jer10:2 saith Jehovah, be not dismayed at the SIGNS of heaven(SKY); Isaiah 66:15 For, behold, Jehovah will come with fire, and his chariot(UFOs) shall be like the whirlwind;

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