A STRANGE UFO WAS SPOTTED IN RUSSIA,urgent ufo news in Russia

For many years, reports of UFO sightings were considered in the USSR as unscientific fiction, not worthy of the attention of serious scientists. The Soviet Union took UFOs seriously. The KGB and the Ministry of Defense of the USSR have allocated special units to collect and analyze information about the paranormal. Military experts even claimed to know how to summon UFOs and make contact with them. Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev was once asked an unusual question. A REN TV correspondent asked him, as a former president, whether it was true that along with the nuclear portfolio, the head of state was handed a secret folder with materials about UFOs. Dmitry Medvedev said that this is true. According to the Prime Minister, in addition to the folder, the head of state was presented with a report from the special services, whose task was to control foreigners on Russian territory. When asked by a journalist whether there are many extraterrestrials living among us, Medvedev refused to go into details, so as not to create panic. However, he suggested that anyone interested in this topic should watch the feature film “Men in Black.” Of course, this answer can be interpreted as a claim to wit. As you know, every joke has its share of jokes. Seriously speaking, both in the Soviet Union and in modern Russia, the topic of UFOs and other paranormal phenomena was and remains classified, and no official will ever say anything about it publicly. On the other hand, there are experts who no longer hold any leadership positions and therefore have more room for maneuver. Some former high-ranking Soviet military officials recently decided to lift the veil of mystery over the UFO mystery. For many years, reports of UFO sightings were considered in the Soviet Union as unscientific or fictional literature, not worthy of the attention of serious scientists.
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  1. 5 5 2021 je cherche toujours où trouver ma résidence secondaire ! En OVNI serait une saine astuce ! Mais encore faut il draguer les extraterrestres aux vacances démocratique là c est pas les miracles avec les républiques c est plutôt l enfer dans le genre oiseau de feu aux fesses ! Bon revenons à l OVNI qui pourra peut-être m éclairer sur mes destins ! Je conte sur vous copains ! Le suisse est un présage !

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