A UFO The Size Of Planet Earth Seen Hovering Near Saturn

The picture here comes from a long time NASA scientist, one of many photos covered-up and hid from the public from the Voyager mission in 1980. That mission was tasked with photographing Saturn, its rings and its moons.

Major Bob Dean said in this lecture: https://youtu.be/_ngvIP0Za9M

Bergrun’s Book, “The Ringmakers of Saturn.”: http://podcast.sjrdesign.net/files/070_RingmakersOfSaturn.pdf

Read here:https://helenastales.weebly.com/blogue/a-ufo-the-size-of-planet-earth-seen-hovering-near-saturn

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Go to original youtube video here UCdXfEfd8eqyd4ZpRaxLwy3g

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25 Comments on “A UFO The Size Of Planet Earth Seen Hovering Near Saturn”

  1. I have seen an UFO, in Sherbrooke QC Canada in 1978 flying over the mountains in a orange color just like the one in photo in this video.

  2. affects the weather from the rings ha ha dude a roooo , when I fart will it do the same thing affect the weather like cow farts global warming ice age shit were do you start seeing the dip shit scientist have not a clue why would any one trust lieing sacks of shit?

  3. Bergrum did say that they were the ring makers of Saturn, speaking saying intelligence quided these massive vessels, it seems that they have started o on Neptune.

  4. Hey thats the one that protected planet earth from huge solar blast..must be the good guys..🙂 couple months back put shield around magnetosphere.on tape.

  5. I think it's actually embarrassing that we are still using gasoline (it is no fossil product folks) to power our cars and chemical burns to power spacecraft while the technology is known but kept hidden that could propel us forward into a better, more advanced global society. If there is any truth to the purported interspecies communication with extraterrestrial beings and our government they must view us as bone marrow eating cave inhabitants for our continued use of oil products.

  6. Huge objects have been caught by ISS n astronomers. Large crafts seen near Taurus constellation was shown by UFO Hunter Tyler secureteam 10 ufo channel back in 2016. Even thirdphaseofthemoon channel of Blake brothers have reported such crafts. If Extra terrestrials exist then there is a huge secrecy conspiracy n cover up being carried by the US Govt since 1947 Roswell n Maury Island Incidents.

  7. At 0.20 sec video shows cigar shaped Image clicked by Neil Armstrong..It looks like Omuamua which is recently Sited in our solar System

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