1. @Isuckatpaintball2 they can tune into our thoughts. And certain people they choose to work with.

  2. he thinks a god sends them funny.
    We have no idea what is capable with time and knowledge we spend most of our research brains building weapons and trying to keep our dicks up imagine a society that was past all this rubbish and wanted to goto the stars and made this there goal they would get there in time and that is far from where we are.

  3. @steampak2 You gpot that right. All governments know the truth. Most UFOs are eartly forcefield-propelled craft, with a small few of ET origin. We are not alone in the universe; far from it.

  4. where did the Idea of ufos come from they don't just come out of thin air someone had to of seen something therefore making it real

  5. @Rishavb47 u can see them in the sky just go outside, in your car then 3 hours out of town, wallah orbs everywere. just like in this video

  6. A Yo I just came back from the future! No Bullshit! I hav finally figured out the mystery's of the Universe. Who ever this is talking this shis is right!! But your still behind the Germands on ufo, Albert Eientien Time machine/Drill levitation technology. Jesus and UFO children DNA, it don't matter how U do the math on the psychics u can't figure it out, the pyramids its stills leads to a mystery N DNA! Only one person knows the whole truth An that's me, follow me my name is Algernon Taylor!

  7. if u dont belirve in ufos ur satans product, goin to hell, (stuck on earth soul will perish to the sun like mercury or venus simple as that! Its a goverment thang…….peace

  8. @MrKingPin360 sure they are….and they appear on command too! My weather ballons always come back when I pray for them….. 🙂



    Dear Jesus,

    Please save this poor, crack-riddled negro.



  10. wow that was really amazing, he said more ufos would come next week and fly really low is there a video of this???

  11. that camera man must of seen a lot of shit through his camera to know if it was a bird. a flying car or a airplane and eaven he sounded baffled

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