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  1. And why would I believe just these two so called experts ??? Out of all the so called experts these are backed by whom ??? Well one things for sure they are no better than me because we are all just a bag of neurons !!! So 🖕U…

  2. I think we will eventually discover that many of the ETs exploring our planet in their mothership deployed scout craft will not be flying them with the kinds of controls humans currently use in our air and spacecraft. The pilot will see a full 3D enhanced wrap around view of the craft's exterior and will be able to fly his ship in any direction and at any orientation and speed simply by willing it to happen. I suspect that the interface between the ET pilot and his craft will be through his eyes. Every thought he has will send out a unique pattern of bursts of ELF from his eye sockets that a computer's sensors will pick up and decode to read the pilot's thoughts. The computer, which has complete control over the craft's propulsion system, will then make whatever changes in the flight status of the craft that the pilot wills. This system will operate so swiftly that, literally, the craft will become an extension of the pilot's body. In the event that some hostile humanoid military on a planet being explored launches an attack on the craft with crude missiles or more advanced heat lasers, the craft's flight control computer, being aware of this, will temporarily take complete control away from the ET pilot and initiate evasive action to avoid the attack after which control will be returned to the pilot. The former USSR and the US Air Force have experimented with such mind controlled aircraft in the past and had little success with them. The main reason is that the interface they were using was not the best one and was unreliable. Those interested in more details about the interface I'm discussing here should read a volume titled The Physics of the Paranormal . Contrary to popular belief, there is a real science behind paranormal phenomena which is slowly starting to be seriously studied. Some of our ET "visitors" have, obviously, been studying that science for many millennia and utilizing it in their craft. We humans are still at square one when it comes to this matter!

  3. I absolutely believe there are things in the sky at times that aren't able to be identified. This means unidentified, that's it,stop. People who claim to have answers they couldn't possibly have, who muddy the waters around this topic with unfalsifiable psychic mumbo-jumbo really piss me off…it's the type of attention seeking behavior you see out young kids and speaks to MAJOR ego problems…

  4. Consciousness technology? Are you people for real? Where are your bona fide scientists? No wonder science laughs at UFO studies and your organization.

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