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49 Comments on “AFTERLIFE INVESTIGATIONS (BONUS INTERVIEW-1) – Rupert Sheldrake, PhD”

  1. All I was doing is correcting your statement "The idea of an afterlife originated in the Bible" which it did not.
    I didn't say it originated from Egypt or that any religion based its belief system from it. I was only pointing out that the idea of an afterlife existed long before any of the mainstream religions existed or any scripture was written.

  2. The afterlife as we think of it did come from the Bible. Again you are not listening to what I`m saying. The ancient Egyptians believed in many Gods and so a different types of afterlife…Christian belief is one God one afterlife. The Egyptian belief has been ignore now for thousands of years. The accepted afterlife comes from the Bible

  3. The problem here is that you religious nuts seem to be so insecure about your faith you feel the need to reassure yourselves by making long winded rants about you god/s and religion even when the subject has nothing to so with it.
    Not as easy these days converting people when you cant scare or threaten peoples lives into signing up

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  5. Your opinion is held by many people. But you go on to pretend it is a fact, which makes you a liar. The docs who seriously study NDEs, (Moody, Morse, Long, Kubler-Ross) become convinced of the reality of the afterlife. You need to rethink your 'facts'.

  6. You could be lying. You could be wrong. You could be full of BS. You could be a mental case. You could be afraid of death. You could be homosexual. You could be a reptilian.
    And none of those 'could be's really mean that they are. The same with experiments done about life after death, mediumship, or other phenomena. They could be right, they could be wrong. There is plenty of positive evidence for them, unless you take the stance of denial. Deny it, and it all goes away.

  7. We know a lot more about the afterlife than the bible tells us. "Life in the World Unseen" is a great book. Download it for free.

  8. Your opinion is unlearned. Do not confuse it with the facts.
    Thousands have had NDEs and have temporarily visited the afterlife. It is there no matter how many names you call. Profanity weakens your position, which was quite weak already.

  9. Wow, it's fascinating to realize you believe it's all Bull.
    Do you believe we're all here to learn from our own unique experiences?

    Ever hear of a famous 1991 near-death experience with Pam Reynolds Lowery? They cooled her body, stopped her heart, drained her blood, then repaired a brain aneurism.
    (During the operation Pam recalled a nurse talking about guy she wanted to date, Pam described the tool the Dr. used to open her scull, & more.)
    If you can, try to stay open.

  10. Language is the key. We are limited by our paradigms. whatever you may say – it is impossible to erase coherent in-time experience. Normal is – what?? Language dear. There are things that can not be described with such method. Science in holistic manner with 100% emotionless manner gives a chance to move forward into pro-human, life loving direction- good wish for all. Regards and respect to all. Avoid long chats, think of our perception limits

  11. Rupert is a brilliant researcher, with a rare clarity of views about "non usual" topics. The more I know about him, the more my admiration grows. Why is so difficult to go beyond the present paradigm?

  12. I find the interruptions by commercial messages in this important interview very disturbing. If I wanted commercials I would watch TV. It is bad enough to have to sit through commercials prior to viewing, but to have them intrude in the middle of the presentation is even more distracting. Don't worry though I am making a list of all the sponsors who presumed so rudely on my  consciousness. Not only will I never buy anything from any of these sponsors but I will also urge all in my network to refrain from ever buying anything from them. If there is any other legal means by which I can further harm, harass or defame those sponsors I will also resort to these means as well.

    I am old enough to have seen this shit go down in broadcasting and it grieves me to see the Internet now destroyed by the same greedheads who ruined radio and TV. So long Internet, it was good to know ya.

  13. Thank you so much for being an intelligent, well spoken, scientifically trained non-materialist (there needs to be a word for a non-materialist that doesn't stem from a negative). Thank you even more for being so outspoken. People like Richard Dawkins have their places, like challenging age old superstitions. Still, science does need to tackle taboo questions. If a human can wonder about it, science needs to approach it. You inspire me to do experiments of my own.

  14. There is a most unique perspective on this subject in Paramahansa Yogananda's
    classic "Autobiography of a Yogi" [only the orange covered paperback is up to date].

  15. It's refreshing to hear these subjects dissected to a limited degree with the excellent intellectual honesty of Dr. Sheldrake.

  16. I love to hear smart people that try to understand death.  Here it is, We live and we die and that we can be sure of.  What happens after is strictly based on belief and faith.  understand this.  Life is short no matter how long you have.  So enjoy it to the best of your ability, living can be very hard at times.  Love as much as you can it seems we need more of that these days.  We are living in hard time much like our ancestors did.  Believe in what you do with all your heart, but not at the point of hurting another to prove it.  Smile, meditate and hope that each day will be better than the next.  What else do we need.

  17. Certainly more eloquent than that old grump James Randi-honestly-what is that mans problem?

  18. Dismissing the whole body of knowledge in Hinduism about reincarnation, soul, life, body, etc. is absurd! This presenter, it appears, has made no real attempt to go through them but has just skimmed the surface and dismissed them! That is the sad part of the Westerners, in general. They appear to be of the view that nothing worthwhile was available in India and I know that they are wrong. I think it is because they are afraid that most of the things they claim credit for discovering will be shown to have existed from the past. Really, scientifically minded people should place knowledge above individuals or peoples if they really wish to pursue it.

  19. Science is a fascinating subject whatever field we talk about. However science is also about control, it wants to measure everything yet we cannot measure everything – YET. How many scientific discoveries/theories have been taken "as red" and of absolute fact only to have been disproved or "had a theory revised" at a later date? Science is about control, but, it's also about progression, progression in whatever field and as a species. To 100% completely "open minded" is very very difficult dare I say nigh on impossible. By very definition we all (subconsciously or otherwise) have a predetermined idea or expectancy of an outcome to a specific experiment/theory, this is only and entirely natural, it's a result of our influences as we're growing up and sometimes it's difficult and sometimes unexpected when those core/deep seated beliefs/expectations are challenged, questioned or even proven wrong.

    To some, proof is a subjective thing, one person's proof is another's question.

    The problem we have with this particular subject is that's difficult if not impossible to measure something that does not have a physical form (even sound waves have physical form, you just need a specific camera/apparatus to see them).

    My point is that just because you can't see, feel, sense or hear something it doesn't mean it doesn't exist, it just means that we can't "measure" it – yet. But maybe that's how it's meant to be, maybe that's the point.

    The definition of "faith" is of "a belief in something/someone of which there is no evidence, and as such you can apply it to just about any area of life. Maybe we should all have a little more "faith".

    Do I believe in something beyond? Yes i do, why? Only because i've experienced something, something that to me is proof (and to be honest, life would be pretty pointless if there wasn't anything after, I may be right I maybe wrong, but i'm open minded to being either, but as now i'm happy with my beliefs/opinions).

    Have I had proof? To me yes. Can I prove it you? No.

  20. Crackhead Sheldrake rises again. Take for example his claim telepathy is a common experience for most or all people and that old telepathic chestnut "I knew the phone was going to ring". I know from personal experience that whether the phone rings or not just falls in to the spectrum of basic probability. In other word just guessing. Here is a test anyone can do themselves at home. Every five minutes record your expectation or guess on whether someone is going to call you. Now there may be test controls not done to well here but if you identify any biases in your experiment, record these and start again with a better test. Simple.

    Way you go fruitnuts. Give me your results. I'll even trust you that you can do this hard and complicated scientifically dogmatically taboooially shaeldrakian morpicalgistically supercalifragilisticexpialidocious poopeeshitonomical experiment.

    Peace to all especially to my extended family on the other side of the Universe.

  21. It is obvious that the hidebound so-called science experts are threatened by the very process they espouse as being fundamental to their calling – investigation and experimentation. They have accepted the dogma of the age and are more akin to the papists and evangelists than to a true scientist 

  22. wow! I almost died, lets just say a lot went on while I was sleeping. I just hope the same thing happens when I do die.

  23. Jesus said, it is for man to die and then the judgement. There is know ghosts. If you are seeing anything it is demons. Be very careful of what you are doing.

  24. If you watch in an iPhone youtube app, there is only one advert the beginning that is all.

  25. Yes,Rupert is a brilliant researcher.
    Apsveicu domātāju un mistiķi, kas paver plīvuru un liek saprast lietas!

  26. Whatever you think about this guy's ideas, he's sure as hell has thought them through…

  27. Good stuff, Maynard. 🙂 My personal opinion is that mean or negative thoughts "short circuit" access to the Universal mind, i.e., telepathy.

  28. Dr Sheldrake is a gifted orator and extremely well qualified, but, for example, James Randi, himself a professional magician, offered one million dollars to anyone who, under controlled conditions, could demonstrate ANY "paranormal" phenomenon. For many years, many tried, but the prize was never won because he, being a conjuror himself, was able to debunk all competitors as fakes. Recently, the unclaimed prize was withdrawn. It appears that, much as many would like them to exist, "paranormal" phenomena simply aren't real. I'm sure it could have been won by, for example, demonstrating "telepathy" by identifying the famous five cards being viewed by someone else in another room.

  29. Brilliant, excellent talk by one of the most important unorthodox and revolutionary scientific minds of our time who, among other things, reintroduced vitalism into biology in his 1981 book "A New Science of Life". That's truly great !

  30. The brain is the hardware and the software is omnipresent containing all knowledge past, present and future and outside of time itself….

  31. The suggestion that after physical death we experience a dream state based on our fears and or beliefs, after all we do it every day or night when we sleep, or what NDE-ers experience. But here's the thing…during the 2 mentioned states, our brains are still alive. Infused with oxygen, synapses firing, neurons active. In the case of the NDE the brain may be DYING, true. But conditions causing it to die were reversed and the function restored. That's more or less the thing. So this is conjecture, pure and simple. Not even compelling circumstantial evidence.

  32. The evidence points to way more than just a dream body.
    I can think of many reasons why "spirits" might want to move lights around the room. The most obvious is that manifesting anything physical is extremely difficult and so they choose something relatively simple yet impressive.

  33. The 'Spirit Realm' & the UFO Phenomena are linked together. And deception is the name of the game!

  34. The brain is an organ like anything other organ, the spark that makes it work is spirit that is trapped in the body until the spirit is released. The memory is recorded in the spirit memory.

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