AH Podcast #1- UFO News + Disneyland/Avengers Camps Talk

Hola mis Anabelas! Welcome to the first episode of the AH Podcast! Today we are discussing UFOs and Disneyland!

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39 Comments on “AH Podcast #1- UFO News + Disneyland/Avengers Camps Talk”

  1. Avengers campus will be amazing. People are hating on it already because they aren’t marvel fans and it’s truly annoying. Don’t judge till we can try it is what I say to those people ahem five fires.

  2. If Florida can open the theme parks safely whos to say we can’t. I want Disneyland back and idc if there are no annual passes I want to go back to my safe haven and my second home😭

  3. Maybe in a few years the government will say something and I’m so pumped for that. I think people just need to be open to there being life other than us so they don’t get overwhelmed when it is all announced!

  4. So essentially all the information has been sealed in Israel and barely a bit got out? Dang that sucks cause I want more😥

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