AIR FORCE ONE and Secret Service in Bakersfield, California (02/2020)

Secret Service monitor us as we try to get a close-up view of Air Force One in Bakersfield, CA at Meadows Field Airport. The area was crawling with police and Secret Service agents. Air Force One was scheduled to be in Bakersfield for only 1-2 hours, so our team had to time everything correctly to catch a glimpse of Air Force One on the runway.

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42 Comments on “AIR FORCE ONE and Secret Service in Bakersfield, California (02/2020)”

  1. The US government takes the security and safety of the president very seriously! Except maybe JFK’s! 😕
    I have had the privilege of being on Airforce 1 during G.W. Bush Jnr.
    Got my GWB m&m’s pretty cool, but I wouldn’t eat them now! LoL 😎👍

  2. @ufoseekers, I live in indiana and me and the fam where heading to mississinewa reservoir to hike, anyway trump was flying into grissiom airforce for the FFA thing held in indy.. while we where heading there they where landing. I was wondering if you caught any of that. We all witnessed, what looked like the plane almost standing still in midair while landing. Almost baby steps towards the runway.. Weber heard of that, or anyone seeing this

  3. glad I saw ur 2020 video or I wud have missed this one I did not get a notification from the "bell"…I have it set to all so YT is messing up

  4. I’ve seen this at Dublin airport. But it was odd that the passengers disembarked on the side nearest the buildings. I am of the opinion that never happens because the aircraft is used as a shield. I assume this wasn’t the President?

  5. Air Force One, Passenger 57, Airplane & Airplane 2: The Sequel are good movies💺✈️🛫🛬🛩️✈🚁

  6. @5:08, what is the aircraft being refueled? I would say an F16, but the wing shape just dosent look right to me. But being only a single tail, what else could it be?

  7. Just wanted to encourage you guys by letting you know that I trust y’all more than any other YouTube UFO channel out there.

  8. Looks like they have a second set of rear landing gear or something else because there is another set of doors behind the rear landing gear. Same with the front landing gear.

  9. Dear seeker, how can you shoot, record videos even in the most of time government officers don't seem comfortable at all? Is it your constitutional right record videos from a distance?

  10. Traitor Trump the treasonous orange buffoon wasting our equipment and fuel doing his handler Putin the Butcher thief's bidding … /-:

  11. While driving a bus in CYYZ I came close to colliding with a secret service vehicle that came out of no where ….. The President was in town and military were everywhere

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