Alien Abduction Hypnosis Regression Therapist Barbara Lamb & Paul Wallis

Paul Wallis Interviews Hypnosis Regression Therapist Barbara Lamb about here experience with alien contact and specialist work within the field of regressions of Close Encounters with Extraterrestrials and Inter-dimensional Beings. Watch the full interview at !

In the Interview Paul Wallis and Barbara Lamb Discuss Alien Agenda’s, Past Lives, Human Potential & Much More. You Can pick Up a Copy of Barbara Lamb’s Latest Book on Amazon Here : UK | USA . Contact Barbara on

Paul’s Book “Escaping from Eden” U.S: – U.K

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  1. I don't believe in past life or reincarnation…..
    Here's what I believe people experience that makes them think they have lived past lives or reincarnation….

    It's in your DNA….
    Someone in your past that's directly related to you like Grandparents Great Grandparents and so on, experience something so profound it was embedded into their DNA memory and every so often it surfaces down the blood line….

  2. I had a similar experience to Paul, when I was about 8 and it just came back to me when he was telling of his experience

  3. It is NOT Ok !!, that "the beings " " switch of " people ! Just because they can . . . .Taken against their will !? IT IS EVEL / "beings "!

  4. I need to have a hypnotic experience. Something bad happened and I block out memories. Now memory problems.

  5. What is your Email Paul? I have my own story which I am contacting Barbara about. She just said this is relieving for people. She is absolutely correct because I haven't told anybody anything besides I use to have a reoccurring dream/nightmare that started when I was about 5 years old. I remember details and now that I am 40 I understand a lot of it that I was confused about when I was young. I can describe what happened for the most part and what the inside of the craft looked like. I am not sure if I was taken for a night or if I remembered something from a past life. It would be very nice to be able to speak up without fear of being ridiculed. Love the channel Sir

  6. I've done it, recalled 4 past lives going back to approx. 1200AD, enough detail to date accurately. It was profound, emotional, but I still cannot claim to "know" it was real. Each incarnation had a short message for me now, a very succinct condensed take home if you like. In one I'd failed to see or experience love, 2 more had either fought in war or supported it and another was hard to decipher but have made some sense of it since. They, or me, whatever were very clear, don't engage in violence or support it, love regardless of circumstance and face challenges with valour and courage, without the use of violence. I returned to the same therapist for a top up and some clarification and the second time it didn't do squat, not a thing. Since tho my capacity for meditation and insight, including accessing similar things unaided has increased dramatically. I will stop short of insisting others believe me or claiming that it's factual, or real in the sense we accept what is "real ". Is what it is…..dunno, have learned to not care too much tbh. Pays not to get too wrapped up in it or you stop living this round to its full. I am a life long Pre-Cog tho and my family has seen proof of that but still do not understand that…have considered it a damn curse at times. I feel sure there's a lot beyond the 3D reality we sense but cannot offer much in the way of explaining it all. If my radar is working as it has we're about the find out who and what we really are, again happy to be wrong…21/12/20 PM Aus time….got some guests expected, relax they're definitely our friends and not a threat. Wish I could just drink beer and watch the football like other ppl…but I can't.

  7. Thank you Paul, an excellent interview. Barbara Lamb is a respected professional in this field of Regression Therapy and very helpful to many people. To the skeptics, your comments are valid but remember that being too skeptical works against you. Skepticism is healthy, just keep it in perspective. And to those believers in Consciousness and other dimensional beings, keep the current reality in focus too. Stay balanced people! Peace. Love. Unity.

  8. I was once a Queen, I don't know from where .Everytime I go to bed right before sleep catch me I see myself surrounded by guards with Swords. Ever since I was small,especially when I take a nap under the sun for a long time.

  9. Some have called me an angel, others saw orbs of light around my head, others saw beams of light from my body, to me nothing special heard before. Been called an annunaki warrior, watcher, blood of nephalim. Witches are very afraid of me lol. I'm just a man another child of God his child. Whether i have been here 9 times or 4 i do not know. So I've been told. I do remember seeing Jesus Christ on the cross and was in Jail with Paul the apostle I think. In Colorado they called me New Millennium Prophet. People have asked me to heal them, others to talk to the dead which is a no no. Humans always need proof.All very strange to me. Experienced many supernatural phenomena. Yeah well I know it sounds crazy right. How you think i feel when random encounters throughout my life through the United States. I'm tired and ready to ascend. This is not my home. Humans are so hard to work with. Demons and entities show themselves to me. I hate that they are so attracted to me. Paralyzed in the past many times. The white light beings haven't shown themselves for 2 years now. So much I don't know. I feel that I am supposed to be doing something important but am being blocked. I strayed from the narrow path and am being severely blocked and targeted by man. Punishment I guess so I changed my life and help guide others in love.

  10. The other day i dream about a person i knew in a past life but i couldnt remember him and he was sad about it

  11. Reincarnation is a concept of Hinduism. India. 💓💓💓💓🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏come to my country you will no about in more details 😊😊😊

  12. Mrs Lamb you are talking about "information" that is all over the air water -earth space – particles need to be in contact, or training , just to have a phisical body ¡¡¡

  13. Can't help but feel like this very smart lady is a reptile. Not a bad thing just thought I would put it out there. Many blessings

  14. I had one of them 2 but i don't think it was on earth looked more like the red planet but I think something dramatic happened because it looked like some huge ball of fire coming at us but it wasn't hot and within the fireball was writing and we all looked at it and I had the same dream every year but only when we visited my great grandmother when she passed I never returned creepy creepy place

  15. She's right it is hard when you have no one to share experiences with. Gabor Mate says trauma is what happens inside you not to you. 👊👽✌❤

  16. I had never heard of this lovely lady until today. She has a very professional, caring and nurturing demeanor and a supportive voice. I would absolutely feel comfortable trying a regression session and seeing if anything surfaced.
    I wonder if Paul will try ?

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