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41 Comments on “ALIEN AUDIO RECORDING: Pilots Are Being SILENCED On UFOs”

  1. So this will be an addition to the channel where every now and then I'll post an old video that most haven't seen or don't remember. Heck, after that 2 week coma I was in where I almost passed away earlier this year, I didn't even remember making this.. So I'll enjoy it with you! 😛 #InsomniaTeam #ErasedMemories #SmashTheBell

  2. Nice work Tyler.1 – congrats on the new contract w Palantir and BR!

  3. We cannot defeat or defend against them in the air. Only on the ground we our superior that is why the aviod that avenue. The reason majority of sighting in physical form are at night is because our sun's rays are too strong for their skin. They cannot conquer our planet because we our too close to the sun. The black eyes are contact lens and provide protection.

  4. I think by now these UFOs would have made contact..I think they get close…take a look at earth..then lock the doors and get the hell out of the galaxy

  5. There real end of been coming here for millions of years people who think there is nothing out there are out there mind there isn’t us just stuck on a plane in the middle of nowhere 🤷‍♂️

  6. Whatever happened to Discovery Channels show Coppers Treasure where they found a UFO underwater and the next season was supposed to be about them exploring it? It’s like the show found something and the government shut them down. Does anyone know what happened to this UFO they found while SCIBA diving?

  7. Mmm, I wonder why they haven't been any more UAP reports from the military since the tic tac incident? Now that more or less, disclosure has happened.

  8. As an American, If we get invaded by aliens, I won't even be mad. I mean we would do the same if given the opportunity.

  9. I find it intresting that people only want to believe military pilots . Sorry son you saw what you sound crazy daughter father mom etc .. but commander graver I believe you gtfo here hey captain hey captain america your own military industrial system is using you as a unwitting accomplice..

  10. Saw a ufo appear above an airbase over the road, I have 5 1:00 videos of it. How do you want the footage sent Tyler? It’s pretty awesome stuff, my language is quite bad though 😅 I was pretty shocked, it literally appeared out of nowhere, was also completely silent and was hovering for a couple minutes, proceeded to fly upwards and started flashing and then suddenly took off and we could hear jet engine as if it turned into a plane, it’s so strange.

  11. still not understanding where the pilots are being silenced on ufos in your video…..

  12. I like more, the original music you used to open your videos! I hope it re-appears..😁

  13. Congrats to the engineers at DARPA, the IAEA, and Skunkworks! You be droppin some hot lil' numbers lately!

  14. shouldn't the military just come out and tell us about them finally?

    so we can all go 'yeah…ok' and then get back to our lives.

  15. US government can't open fire cause they dont know if spaceship are from allies or another civilization. 2021 comes strong because the ellite breaksdown accords. Remember those cropcircle "We hate lies… Out Is good… Conduct Is closing"

  16. I don't know where you've been Tyler, but its good to have you back been watching you for years bro

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