Alien baby caught in India, Watch exclusive footage | Oneindia News

A video has come from Bihar Patna, where an alien baby was caught on camera. The video which is exclusively with Oneindia shows a human baby that looks like an alien from any sci-fi movie Watch Exclusive Video.

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29 Comments on “Alien baby caught in India, Watch exclusive footage | Oneindia News”

  1. Kyu channel ka naam India se jod k naam kharab kar rahe ho India ka. Speaking in English is not a sign of education but literacy. N u people are best epitome of this. Aur kuch hota nahi toh news k line mein aa jao n upload videos without brain. Develop some courtesy n sensitivity shitheads

  2. Why would u do that media… that baby is seriously ill …. The baby I'd suffering from harlequin ichthyosis a very rare condition. Being an medical aspirant myself it hurts my sentiment seeing such misleading stuffs around

  3. Baby is suffering from harlequien disease…will be itching full body if they do so blood will come from their body…my god plz plz in tis world no such babys should born every child should be healthy🙏🙏🙏

  4. Nop I don’t think so his eyes are upward like reptile so maybe reptilian had sex and forgot to took baby with them

  5. don't call it an 'Alien baby' or something like that. the baby is born with a very severe and rare genetic disorder called Harlequin ichthyosis.

  6. Hey just a heads up I love what you do is awesome and I definitely wish more people would wake the fuuck up. But this is no alien. It's a rare genetic disorder called Harley quin disease

  7. Hw can anyone use the word ALIEN BABY….shocking…pls progress in mind …because of tags given to us. Our lives become more torturous…we are born with a genetic disorder…a gene disorder

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