Alien Base Discovered On Google Mars, March 18, 2013, UFO Sighting News.


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  1. Been following you for along time.. Great work you do… Find your work very interesting! Have shared this video… All credit to you.. Hope thats ok? Any problems let me no.. Total respect to you!


  2. I saw a picture this week from NASA of Mount Sharp, taken by Curiosity with white balance adjusted to look like Earth colours. One section looks like a walled city and quite different from the rest of the picture. It's on NBCnews photo blog.

  3. Hey thanks, glad you liked my videos. Credit doesn't matter, but sharing…thats important.

  4. Dude, did you know about the MRO HiRISE hi-res pictures available?
    marsoweb nas nasa gov/HiRISE/hirise_images/

    You need a special program to view them, I use a free program Irfanview, which can be downloaded at irfanview com

  5. Google earth is a free download, try again..But..Google anything isnt really a good springboard for this type of investigation, its all composit.

  6. Dude!! With your weird pixel graphics everything looks as what you described "a ufo" including that penis you can notice on the down right side in 2:40

  7. You've got to be joking. Billions of galaxies with billions of stars in each, and you have the arrogance to state, categorically, that we are alone? Where, exactly, did you get your cosmic information? This will give perspective;

  8. Exactly, meaning evolution has started the same way we started. The whole – known – universe is filled with the basic building blocks of life. If, in the mathematically impossible scenario, you are right, and we are alone, that would be an incredible waste of space, time, and energy. Someone said; "There are only two questions; are we alone, or are we not. And both answers are frightening."

  9. there' a huge dick at 2:40…. so it follows that giants live there and their dicks fall off… without a doubt!

  10. You would deny that martians exist? Good grief that has been known for many years. I will give you a free one. Google earth-mars-layers of Cabo Frio at Victoria crater. Zoom in on the small crater on the right then look along the front rim. Many of us are finding plenty of them! It's fun.

  11. I am fascinated by all things "Mars" including the possibility that there may be alien artifacts somewhere there, and possibly on our moon, but to look at some fuzzy photos and conclude there is an alien base is a bit of a stretch. But please don't misunderstand me – I applaud your dogged efforts to find mysterious and inexplicable things out there… just don't be surprised when NASA, ala the 'face' on Mars, provides higher resolution pics and a more mundane explanation.

  12. Na minha opinião, se eles quisessem esconder isso esconderiam numa boa. Acho que o verdadeiro propósito de tudo isso é direcionar a opinião pública para vida em outros planetas, assim como a globo apoia a prostituição, assim como cada pessoa é facilmente controlada por sei lá que organização que chefia a internet.

  13. Stupidest video ever… Just let the Mars analysis to nasa specialists, you visibly have too much imagination…

  14. Coordinates?????
    Because so many people insist on posting videos showing things and insist on NOT GIVING COORDINATES? I can only think that it is a lie, because I am not as prove! Vote negative for this video for this reason.

  15. Those that have made negative comments must consider a few facts, There is evidence that NASA airbrushed out anomalies found on both the Moon and Mars, NASA claims film from the Moon landings was lost, NASA has launched several missions to the Moon like LADEE in Aug. 2013 we've not heard of any science from these missions no hi-def pictures, WHY?. Then on Mars when strange objective are observed NASA says it’s a rock but why then doesn't NASA investigate the objects and show us it's nothing but rocks? Not once have they actually investigated a sighted anomaly, kind of strange for a mission called Curiosity isn't it?. An Investigation of NASA should be held, whoever is responsible for withholding information or covering up Information regarding objects on the Moon, Mars or ET visitations should be publicly tried and then sent to prison for a long time.

  16. Coordinates: 85° 45' 17.10"S   1° 20' 26.88"W
    Also note the large patch of gold in the area. 

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