Alien Base Found On Mars Moon Phobos, ESA Source! UFO Sighting News.

ESA Photo:


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  1. #KNOWLEDGE Define Alien…A Soul Being or Immortal. Define UFO…The Creators Vessels. Wish you had found The Light. Extinction, the final one on Earth is imminent. Enjoy your final days or hours. Peace as Mother Earth Rises shortly…BLue

  2. Much love and respect for all the hard work you put into your vids Scott…..Really awesome find!😻✌🙏👁✨👽

  3. Happy St. Patty's Day Everyone, What a great find! thank you Scott for all your hard work!

  4. Are aliens among us? I’ve found the answer and recommend everyone to watch video about this. Video is called: “Are annunaki among us? How many are they?”

  5. Hello. Awesome. Scott over to the left you have some more Structurally made items or a crazy type craft. It's looking right at us. You probably saw it.thank you.

  6. I have a Strong strong feeling that that one you showed us. Looks like a Craft it's on top and everything that is on top shadows is what tells me. Oh off to the front right the white speck. That's a tower of some sort it's black I see a tower the shape is crazy. Then the other side older round type structure please let me know. I love this you are Fantastic. GOD BLESS YOU.🔭👽🛸

  7. That’s awesome. People will see it and still deny it. They have to be told it’s there without any evidence before they’ll believe it lol

  8. There’s some funny stuff going on. There is a giant spaceship behind all that crap that’s supposed to be a moon. I burned thru it with Lightroom. Why would they take a picture of something like that and try to obfuscate it to look like a moon that’s actually supposed to exist? Why not just take a pic of the moon Phobos? Or is there a Phobos? I took that into Adobe Lightroom and that is no moon. You need to look to the left side and look at those lines that form a large rectangle that is sharpened on the ends. Look closely. If you know how to work Adobe Lightroom, you can bring it out.

  9. hi, iam just stating facts that a few people already know. = governments. 1/ is Phobos a space ship.? 2/ does n.a.s.a. know the facts about phobos? 3/the ship on Phobos is it a part of the secret space program.or older? 4/is money worth more than human lives? 5." the Vatican" who are they really? why keep secrets? why visit Antarctica?6/ are humans just puppets to be manipulated …. by the puppet-masters.7. Edgar fouche= tr-3b. manmade.seen all around the world.7/why suppress knowledge? 8/ when will the earth have a pole-shift?9/ d.u.m.b.s = deep underground military bases. are these for the pole-shift? or something else?? 9 who are the inner earth beings? are they friend or foe. i hope there friend. date i commented 17/3/2020 ps governments cannot be trusted..

  10. It looks like the space thing that can be found somewhere in space, I don't have the coördinates where to look but I will search for it.

  11. What about the big crater on the top of this "spaceship"… I want to believe but IDK… Looks like a crater on the highlighted part of the photo

  12. It's the Nazca Lines, Chichen Itza Mayans, Aztalán Aztecs & Machu Picchu Incas on Phobos obviously🖖👽🤖👾🛰️☄️🚀👻

  13. Some believe that Phobos is a craft (the whole darned thing) hollowed out with propulsion added, and if that is the case, then you have located "The Bridge" of the ship. Hey… you never know. I have taught myself to THINK BIG on these far away planetary bodies.

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