Alien Base On Moon Moon, Near TSIOLKOVSKIY crater, UFO Sighting News.

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Apollo 15 photo:

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14 Comments on “Alien Base On Moon Moon, Near TSIOLKOVSKIY crater, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. I think most of the structures are under ground but the complexs above the ground I see tons of geometric shapes or intelligent design in your image, have you noticed there complexs seems to joined together like tubular train with something round at the top. All of those white tubular structures must be alien habitat of some kind….also a Jim Oberg of NASA text me about UFOs, he thought want I'm seeing is eather moon pigeons,so he sent me a report on moon pigeons from NASA, and I don't think thay are moon pigeons. And it's not compression artifacts in the photos, I gave him the apollo AS# he came back and told me I had good eyes. Make sure you ck out AS11-37— AND AS11-39— numbers I gave you…….also I have been using a tablet since my computer went down, I found that a tablet works ten times better than a computer at looking at images it's instantly pull up and one touch on the screen, no typing. so try it you can see things better and more up close. Anyway have a nice day…

  2. Forgot to tell you pastor Paul bagley on YouTube talk about the crash UFO on Mars your getting around kid….

  3. At 0:39 under your courser what the heck is that dark object or more like some building or such. Loads of anomalies in that photo Scot.

  4. Salut ET Data Base tu es très fort pour analyser ces photos,quelle est ton secret pour voir aussi bien sinon j'adore tes interventions t'es un bon?

  5. Not only structures but these aliens trying to enter the "inside" of the moon
    which has been impossible by those who placed the moon around 3 Billion years ago.
    The NASA called floor isn't vulcanic but the original protective miles thick alliage
    but the main protection is : let's calle it : the Buzz Aldrin's FEAR OF DEATH IN OPTIMA FORMAT effect for all consciousness to feel/endure/experience effect.
    Only an entity with a pure spirit will be able to enter here
    Same with the AntArtica structures and the 2 pyramides before the Boston/NY coast at 2.5 KM depth
    This mental radiation was thought to be "devilish" and hence nations asked Patriach KIRIL to do some exorcism but it's just protective
    and as said : can only be approached by one who masters his Mind.

  6. That is a frickin city prob with a million or more inhabitants. Incredible. Impossible to point them all out. I have said the moon is an alien base for over 20 years. I saw things on the moon and flying near it thru my scope. Nasa didn't expect people to catch on and actually see these buildings. But they are clearly there. This is not natural. More and more people are believing it now. All I can say is I told you so. Look 4 pictures of the Copernicus crater. It's also completely full of structures. There are several different views of this crater. It's also a city.

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