Alien Buildings Along Crater On Mercury, UFO Sighting News.,-16.1593985,1044941m/data=!3m1!1e3


14 Comments on “Alien Buildings Along Crater On Mercury, UFO Sighting News.”

  1. Hey Scottdon't seem like buildings down there very fine walk or lots of right corners wow you are amazing when you find these things I know it's real high off the ground but they look pretty impact from our you and thank you for bringing that to us that's awesome awesome find keypad in my friend yep could be occupied you never know.

  2. Salut Scott encore une belle trouvaille dans ce cratère qui est loin d'être naturel,la réalité se révèle peu à peu,bravo!!!

  3. Another great one Scott. Man have you been noticed how many sphere sightings are popping up.

  4. Hello, just found in News about Arrokoth, earlier Ultimathule, scientists now convinced earlier theories about the creation of planets etc wrong, I am not surpriced… You sometimes ask about topics for videos, I know You dont need input, not really but… I just think to my self while reading'latest'news… ok… what else do You want to know? Kuiperbelts asteroid Arrocoth… Kelsi Singer, New Horizon involved person… revealed info and thoughts. There is a reason for us seers not to be involved into science but sometimes I wonder… when things will change. 🌼m

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