Alien Buildings On Moon! REAL, Check Source, UFO Sighting News.

PLZ HELP: 100+ Bases On The Moon Discovered (Many Photos and source), UFO Sighting News.

I have never asked for assistance before, but this time there are too many. They must be recorded before they take the site down. We may have a few days to a 2 weeks. PLEASE HELP ME, Scott C. Waring.

I found these structures on the moons surface and you can zoom in on them to get some real good views. The detail stands out a lot. I am asking all those interested in UFOs both amateur and professionals to please go to the source immediately and search for these black buildings, there are over 100+ of these structures. Please record them on your camera or cell phone and upload them to youtube ASAP. There are too many for me to document all of them. Below are some examples of how much detail and how close you can get. These photos are from #4 area of the source:

Moon photo locations



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  1. I hate to burst your bubble, but there's nothing alien in any of these frames. Look at time stop 1:09, at the upper left end of the so-called "structure." and note the pixelation, the jagged edge made up of tiny pixels. That is where one photo frame overlaps the anomaly. Now go to another frame and look at the far right end of the structure, and you will see the same cut-off line where the photo frames overlap. This structure is nothing more than a single pass digital photo glitch, an electronic "hiccup" so to speak. In that single pass (note this image is made up of dozens of photo passes "stitched" together–you can see the stitch lines forming a pattern of rectangles throughout the image.) the charged coupled device (the photo sensor in the camera) experienced some electronic noise, and this expressed itself in the image as a long black "object." If you look at some other time stops in this video, you will note that you can see craters and other moon structures showing right through the "structure." That's a dead giveaway, along with the frame overlap mentioned above, that this so-called alien structure is nothing more than a digital photograph with an electronic glitch.

  2. You have titled this video, "Alien Buildings On Moon!" . well,.. I just watched it and saw fk all. Where is my buildings you fake piece of worthless dogshit.

  3. The end of this "wall" has been chopped off due to stitching together of various pictures takes at different times by NASA. There definitely is structure and shading as well as albedo changes along this wall. Too bad it is gone. But that just means this was real and NASA had to remove it.

  4. Get a life, NICE CGI.YOU CREATED. BUT WHAT CRAZY 96´ a 12 mile tether popped in space, maybe it crashed on the moon

  5. The shadowing of the structure is not continuous with the other shadowing in the craters and mounds. I have downloaded the most recent pictures of section 10 and the photo has been taken a different time of the luna day. In clip shadow is ~2-5(clock reference) in new photos (2016) shadow is ~6-10. As to the object being shown in the clip I can say it is either an anomaly or a issue caused by the stitching process. In the clip the shadow of the object does not have the correct ~2-5 shadow as the other objects/ craters do. From this conclusion I must suggest this object to have been created by CGI or the image was physically manipulated. As much I would love to see real physical objects to help explain the Moon base theory I don't believe this helps it, Only hurts the belief.

  6. no really,was there any permits pulled for these structures.,some one is going to get a serious fine

  7. I just went to the section of the lunar map to the left of the Oceanus Procellanum and there is no "alien building" there. Either it was removed or what you are showing is a hoax. I suspect the latter.

  8. So why is this 'structure' exactly parallel to the other lines on the map? Perhaps its just a missing line of data instead? Learn how spacecraft transmit data and how the software engineers stitch images together first before embarrassing yourself.

  9. I have an 8 inch telescope rig and have been studying the moon for 18months now. I can say with full confidence that long wall is not on the moon. I will say that structure that looks like a question mark… I can confirm that is there. In fact there are several of them but no miles long wall like that. I do agree though that there are lots of structures on the moon. I have many videos on my channel that show them. I shot all the footage with my own telescope rig so no fakes or 2nd hand stuff. Check them out and feel free to comment. I'm always up for talking about structures on the moon!

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