Alien captured on film in 1930's Alaska, eyewitness killed, UFO Sighing News.

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Credit: for storing this historic recorded encounter.

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21 Comments on “Alien captured on film in 1930's Alaska, eyewitness killed, UFO Sighing News.”

  1. This is no alien. This is an interdimensional creature. They have only 1 goal. To destroy the human race…

  2. The road looks like a proper gravel track which I can't see it being taken from Alaska in the 1930's as much as I'd like it to be true too.

  3. Very interesting photo Scott, does the document state from the site if the sender sent the original photo, certain labs can test the photo paper for authenticity, if it was a copy of the photograph it could possibly and unfortunately get easily dismissed as it was found. You know and I know the UFO community would want testing. Regardless of the fact, this photo could possibly go down in history if the research is verified and brought back into a discussion.

  4. That is an amazing story, isn't it disgusting the way they Murder people who have the truth and intimidate their families.

  5. Brilliant Scott, definitely an ET in a suit and with the back story, I totally believe this guy, so sad to hear about his dad's death.

  6. the pic is cool. I have an issue with you claiming there is a homicide involving the grandfather without evidence, If we stay with facts we will be better served.

  7. The et seems to be the real deal and yes it does look to be in some sorta suit with a stripe on upper sleeve maby a pacth of flag

  8. Agreed. I think that photo sealed his fate. Either Alien silenced him (but why wouldn’t the photo be taken, destroyed), a clandestine group (same question) or he took a photo of The Angel of Death. His death (scratch that. Not literally THE). But perhaps in a way, his. Regarding the photo: I have an odd vibe that there are (or were) more photos other than this one. He followed this entity for a while. Taking just one photo doesn’t seem logical. It’s possible but not probable.

  9. May not be eyes, perhaps a helmet with protective covers(?) would like to know what grandfather official cause of death was.

  10. The Et's Shadow kind of substantiates that it is a real picture of a being but to what extent of proof is only between the Et and the Granddad that captured it.

  11. Great Video & photograph it's child like size which is Documented as a type of Alien is convincing if only for the age of the photograph & how little was known back then of the different kinds of Aliens. It's eyes also are of the grey type of Aliens so I ask my self is this 100% proof of a grey caught on camera. For when this was taken, where it was taken etc I'd have to say YES or it's a bloody good hoax but I would want to see the negatives aswell. 👽👽

  12. This looks like modern Alaska highway, cleared back from the road for moose and paths on either side for snowmobiling on one side, foot traffic on the other. I don’t think that was the case in a remote location in the 30’s. Also, who said the man was murdered? Maybe he handed it over on while his deathbed at the age of 98 or something?

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