Alien City Found On Moon In NASA Photo! UFO Sighting News.

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  1. ✞✟Hoth's Empire Generators! OMG they crucified Jesus Christ on the moon🖖👽🤖👾🛰️☄️🚀👻

  2. Hey Scott….Always looking out for your great work on Sound Mind & Body as well as your own channels…."Fly me to the moon", ML & Light!❤✌😃👀✨👽🙏👍👌

  3. Factual information for you!! The moon is owned by two aliens races knox and Corme that lost their home world because sun went super nova exploded 2000yrs ago and took a moon from andromeda galaxy hollowed out replacement with titaium tunnels for civilizations and hauled with two huge motherships spacecrafts with 200
    Quantum mechanics physics in electromagnetics faze generators creates artifacial gravity field to stablized in earth orbit for 2000 years ! The knox race are humaniod and 50 tall in height and their leader is Robert leven scientific scientist that built the moon in earth orbit with Corme race that are 7 feet tall in height and with blue green skin and hands claws and eight eyes and their leader OR-X! The Knox race and Corme race are members of the 2000 advanced aliens races in alliance council goverment in 100 galaxies with 2000 languages and cultures and civilizations in the universe

  4. Very interesting luna surface anomolie descriptions you've made there Scott. And i agree with you. 👽👍

  5. La Luna!!!… Fascinante!!!!.. por Eso nos sentimos atraídos por ella… hay un poco de ella… en cada uno de nosotros… Saludos comunidad.. fuerte abrazo Scott… bendiciones para todos.!!!

  6. Scott, I noticed that you are unsubscribe on my computer is youtube doing this to you. I thought you might want to know…

  7. You need to look right where it gets dark on the dark side, you will see a bunch of irregular looking craters that don't appear to be craters, then you can clearly see multiple structures, you can see the shadow showing how it is elevated but if a camera look down on it it would appear like camouflage and look flat but it's not. Multiple astronauts reported eerie sights, one astronaut appears to be covered in a celestial being, one shows a UFO in the astronauts helmet glass reflection a glowing UFO orb, you have astronauts that had celestial contact hearing the hymn play in the heads b4 contact, outer body experiences which I know for a fact to be true as I had the same experience but they also seen what they thought to be Angels which you usually visit after hearing that beautiful sound of enlightenment.. all this stuff is so cool.

  8. Hi scott, I think the antenna in the photo obstructs something in the big craters. If you zoom in, you can see tracks of something dragging from one hole to some odd looking structure.

  9. Scott Excuse me I'm freaking Excited Happy because what you just said yes there are shadows. But not all of them are they are black. I have been wanting to send you things that I worked on I pulled the black on a few I have huge huge long tunnel possible something that is so crazy you will see but you said it brother. Scott you are going to you will see I'm freaking happy you saw it. I have to send you a few pictures hey I stumbled on mine PS the really dark ones are extremely close up structure and machine. I didn't say anything. I saw it.Ralph Franco you made my day

  10. Scott those are exactly what I have so close up you could spit on it I have been telling lots of people but brother. Do you have an email I will show you.tunnel or something big enough for a spaceship. I have pictures

  11. Hello Scott. Subscriber notifications for your channel (the bell) does not seem to work, it says that "This action is turned off for content made for kids". Is this intentional?

  12. Check out Bruce sees all and John Lenard Watsons YouTube channels if you want to see lots more structures ! Or, go on LROC quick map online and scan the moon and zoom in and you'll find lots of stuff if you look close. Remember, we can't really see anything 1/4 mile across or smaller . That's an optimistic idea. So anything we're seeing is LARGE!

  13. 3:02 right side of screen tberes a + of huge pipes and some buildings you didn't mention unless you mentioned them later… and there's really lots of stuff you didn't mention. I hope more people take the time to look into this. Most people blow you off like you're nuts if you talk about the moon structures/activity but if you actually look into it, it's obvious there's tons of it, all over the place. I recommend anyone interested to look at the channels I mentioned in my other comment or read somebody else is on the moon by George Leonard . And definitely read Penetration by Ingo Swann!!!

  14. You do Scott you gave me my start when I came to you with a finding that I ran across on google Mars. Scott encouraged me to start my own channel to help with the battle of disclosure and I will always advocate for him. In my opinion he is the original Ufologist I Tip my hat to you brother and I always have your back!

  15. Scott you hear of Moonquakes what is your theory on this scene we know that the moon doesn't have tectonic plates such as earth in which causes earthquakes here on earth. What do you think causes quakes on the Moon? I have a few theory but would like to hear what you have to say on the subject.

  16. Object or a shadow (7:22) it must of been brushed out of the photo. We can see the shadow but to me it doesn't match up with the surrounding landscape but we see that all the time anyway so I guess i'm not surprised.

  17. Only looks like someone colored yellow on the moon and called it buildings. Do need mushrooms or acid to see this stuff?

  18. Is everyone crazy on this thread? WTF? These are obviously shadows. How has your crazy minds turned these into structures?

  19. Awesome video and I think there is more there than you highlighted!! The moon is the HQ for project earth! The history that's kept from us is better than fiction! 😢 thanks Scott and stay safe💯👍👍👀☝

  20. I love ur videos!!! I've watched a couple so far….so glad I stumbled upon u!!! So interesting… hoping to catch one on video this 4th of July here soon lol! I love this kinda stuff as well! Keep up ur work!!! 😃🤝👽🛸

  21. You… Expert… 🤣 Here's the exact location, you can zoom to the shadows you catched heroically, the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LROC) already mapped that region with a resolution making 10 meters size rocks visible, that's a huge resolution on several giant images. NO CITIES THERE. JUST SHADOWS WITH IMAGE NOISE.,3.2008884,-145.2929138,18.8902516&camera=-1801597.9266554408,-451598.3499885801,-20337.775464813327,0.2511411478634322,-0.45472388307004463,6.283185306276753&proj=22&layers=NrBsFYBoAZIRnpEoAsjYIHYFcA2vIBvAXwF1SizSg

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