Alien Dance Party Premiere/Howard The Alien/UFO sightings 2021 Dance Music.

Howard the Alien is here to help promote the premiere of the “Alien Dance Party” on Area 503!
Hello Everybody! Manny here! In this episode we will be taking a look at Howard the aliens’ fantastic journey from internet stardom in 2010 to his all time lows, and recent comeback as the host of the greatest (and only) Alien Dance Party in the universe!

Join Manny at Area 503 as he debuts the Alien Dance Party on Saturday October 16th. Look for a notification for a special 1 hour pre-party live stream on the channel immediately followed by the premiere.

You wont want to miss this!

Every sentient being is invited from every planet, system, and galaxy in our universe to attend the event! Even Lue Elizondo, Jeremy Corbell, Tom Delonge and Skinny Bob are invited. hah!

There is only one rule at the alien dance party: HAVE A GOOD TIME!

That means no fighting! Just good times, good conversations and awesome alien themed dance music!

So go ahead and bring some topics you would like to discuss along with your dancing shoes but leave your arguments at home! hah! 🙂

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“He Said/She Said-An Alien Love Duet”
By: Manny at Area503Music
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12 Comments on “Alien Dance Party Premiere/Howard The Alien/UFO sightings 2021 Dance Music.”

  1. Not many people realize this , but Howard the dancing alien was the original howard stern exposing the government of its fuckery, and satanic ways. It wasn't long after disney corporation fired the hip dancing sensation , and replaced him with the bum you know now as howard stern who continues to participate in satanic rituals of children drinking their blood for a drug induced reptilian style craze which a majority of the population participates willingly or unwillingly through ignorance. Howard the dancing alien was recently interviewed by the popular show "where are they now" discovering that howard the dancing alien spreading love and enlightenment to this day to the sleeping masses .

  2. Lol your little dance there Manny. This is so cool, I love everything about this video. Howard in Jurassic Park made me die, it was brilliant. I love the way you did it ! I'm glad it worked out for Howard in the end though. Manny this was brilliant ❤ can't wait for the rest of your fantastic music and videos !!

  3. LMFAO Manny your a fkin fool, goofy as ever! WTF is wrong with you, omfg, LOL!
    Come on now, Ik on my woman's account, but come on, when are you going to play that game you are bad at and have a live steam????

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