Alien Grey on film debunked Properly Red Flags + UFO Catch Up Analysis – OT Chan Live-470

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Topics with Chapters (TimeStamps)
(0) complete after the show! its Live unscripted!

[00:00] (1) Gen Chat and wait for people to join the live show
[03:30] (2) Re-Cap live show with Robert .. a must watch
episode if like to hear about a possible leak from gov
aerospace plasma/orb experiments that got the guys
security clearance deleted!
[06:28] (3) Had to go over all the alleged UFOs in Secureteams
video as all were debunked by various folks 4 days ago! confirmed
debunks even.. with statements from events.
[09:00] (3b) First vid from UK tabloid of a floating something.. could it
be a balloon?
[33:20] (3c) 3 bright red lights in sky but foggy? is it tr3b or something more
obvious! Scott Brando has solved 100 percent also.
[34:25] (3d) Paul explains also red flag that all tr3b is 2 lights means its
flying on its side cos they arent film directly underneath! so on side
it cant hover but would be moving away from the thrust!!!
[46:18] (3e) Russian guy films what looks like white dot in the sky. could it be a
weather balloon???
[52:14] (3f) Cube UFO in sky.. could it be a balloon.. YES! Paul shows whats
out there you can buy which seems to match what we are seeing in
the very blurry footage.
[57:40] (3g) Lastly, a vid that is clearly fabricated CGI and it was also debunked
4 days ago by various people including Mick West so I show some clips
of his video debunk he did.
[01:20:40] (4) UFO proof shows a video claiming its various Orbs of light
but its just a special effect you get filming through trees and leaves. You can see the trees though night time. and lower res version its hard to even use filters
to show them up but Paul has original source from MUFON in live show
going back to last year where he debunked it fully so wont repeat it again.
example I was searching for was NOT subway sign but Burger King!
[02:04:00] (5) The final investigation of Alien Grey footage from UFOman channel!
who also is not better then Tyler and other frauds posting up clip and clipbait
titles for views = cash!
[02:26:00] (5b) Paul searches using images from video to match on google
testing the idea its either a clip from a movie or faked for Halloween using
[02:45:50] (5c) Possible match of Silicon Grey Mask and body suit for that in the
video. What do you think?
[03:00:00] (6) Some more UFOman videos looked at.. Is it a blue LED Torch in glass window reflection?
[03:10:42] (7) Lastly, look at another debunk by Mick about a scientist making wild claims
gets caught out big time by Mick!
Wrap up for the night.

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