'Alien in my backyard:' The UFO community still believes — and science is starting to listen

Long past its peak during the Cold War era, the UFO believer community lives on in meeting rooms across the U.S. and along the Space Coast. And it’s recently started to pick up unlikely allies: Scientists.


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35 Comments on “'Alien in my backyard:' The UFO community still believes — and science is starting to listen”

  1. other entities live with us on Earth…just on another dimension like nature spirits

  2. I saw a ALIEN in my back yard 2004 it jumped the fence like a grey rabbit it had black eyes and we made eye contact through the laundry window for about 5 seconds then it took of over a high sharp fence …… no kid in a costume can jump that fence with out cutting there hands to pieces S#@T i cant even jump that fence ?????????

  3. I'm warning you people don't mess with the UFO PEOPLE. They are from the other side. You will be dealing with the Devil.
    I can assure you, unless you are with God and have a talented holy man on your side, IT WILL NOT END WELL FOR YOU!

  4. All my life i have been called a crazy conspiracy theorist for my fascination of UFO's and spending time after work going to secluded locations with camera equipment to catch the unexpected…..only the last year and a half i have noticed people not laughing at me anymore and being genuinely interested in what i do……times really have changed for us believers

  5. .Believe in evidence not conspiracy. How about those drones, jet packs, and other military experimental equipment. Produce evidence outside of cloning animals with humans and then you have a show.

  6. I feel there is no need at all to be afraid of UFO’s or aliens. If they wanted us wiped out they could’ve done it decades ago. They are probably studying us over time or something like that. Not just one race though, many types have been seen. We have heard of good ones and bad ones though. But aliens are real.

  7. We have ancient paintings with what could only be described as UFOs flying in the skies in the background.
    We have phenomena that to this day cannot be explained how the distance across the globe at the same era in time exact copies of something is found. How is that possible without air travel that was not invented yet?
    Why are there so many unanswered questions?
    What was with the forcing the lie about Area 51?
    Why did Trump state, almost immediately after visiting Area 51 "we need a space force" ? And then create one.
    Why is there audio and video of the moon landing saying the so called first moon landing astronauts were being watched by something?
    Way too many things that only point to, "WE ARE NOT ALONE!"

  8. Mufon doesn't investigate the most incredible sightings I had aliens come to me and speak to me face to face the very next night they did exactly what I asked them to do which was do something to throw a wet blanket on the senseless ridicule I received at the place I worked and the very next night they brought their ship down right in front of my number one ridiculer Eric arneal he never once again ridiculed me

  9. I can't believe am here again comments made 11 months ago on this UFO. Today I am more willing to share all I know about the one that's operating the UFO. He's not like what she describes. Someone is twisting things up. I can relate to others and their sightings.. I guess I need to come forward to the Pentagon with this information I have. This thing is shaping up for the big thing to take place. God is here

  10. That women is maybe the most reliable and unbiased account I've seen interviewed. Amazing stuff and it's cool to see "normal" members of the public be open minded to what they've seen

  11. That was no alien that the woman encountered at her home in kissamee Florida, it's actions and description is of a demonic creature, weather it came from a ufo or anything else. Your best protection is belief in Jesus and carrying a Rosery, which will ward Off, those demonic creatures are evil , deadly and nasty, BEWARE!!!!!

  12. Doesn't it strike anyone as odd, that in most cases, these alleged "aliens" vary greatly in superficial appearance, but are more or less humanoid; nearly always dimunative, can breathe our atmosphere; and seem completely comfortable with our gravity? Seems a bit convenient for all those different sorts of "aliens" allegedly evolving on other planets, doesn't it?

    "Advanced" beings come down, startle backyard ladies, hack up cattle and shove tubes up people's bums? Point "wands" at farmers to paralyze them so they can continue collecting samples of said farmer's agricultural products? Why not hover over BK and steal their WiFi? Or abduct a few scientists, rather than risk being harmed by people or having their "craft" compromised by savages like us. There was a reason Marlin Perkins was over by the Jeep when Jim wrestled the 20 ft. python. The ET explanation doesn't make much sense.

  13. I have studied UFO’s for many years.
    I think that they come from a multiple dimensional world with 4 or 5 dimensions. They can pop in and out of our world quite easily.


  15. I saw weird stuff to…but like lights in the sky they are not planes because my brother is a pilot….

  16. In light of recent developments, I'd say we're about to have a global flap like nobody has ever seen. It'll be interesting to see where we are a year from now.

  17. And now we actually had factual evidence and radar data yet some scientists like NDT are still turning a blind eye to it. 10:22 Like I love how scientists always say that extraterrestrial life is nearly guaranteed yet the second that a scientist looks into something and finds that an et origin is a real possibility, they attack him. Clearly they say a lot of shit but don’t really wanna back up their words

  18. There is two kinds of human intelligence. Those who can perform really well on tests and do well in school/work. Then there are those who can think on their own and keep an open mind by questioning everything. The best is of course an intersect of the two. For everyone who laughed at me for believing in UFOs all my life, I say 🖕🖕🖕🖕. Now they think it's a national threat. Lol

  19. I got a good laugh the other day when 5 people ( 3 of them police officers) witnessed a large triangular craft that they estimated to be about 100 yards in diameter hover over them and a couple of die hard skeptics claimed it was Mars they were looking at lmao!! Just like those clowns from the Skeptics Society Magazine lol.

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